Event description

The KuwekaFit Challenge is a friendly online fitness competition to mark the 40th birthday of KuwekaFit Founder, Coach Andrea Arcega.

It aims to encourage fitness enthusiasts to challenge themselves, and reward them for all the hard work they have done.

This competition is open to everyone and is free of charge!


Skills Required:

RX Division

• Overhead Squat  95lbs (m) / 65lbs (f)

• Dumbbell  35lbs (m) / 20lbs (f)

• Kettlebell 20kg (m) / 16kg (f)

• Pull Ups

• Toes-to-Bar

• Handstand Push Ups

• Pistol Squats


Scaled Division

• Dumbbell 25lbs (m) / 10lbs (f)

• Kettlebell  16kg (m) / 12kg (f)

• Ring Rows

• V-Ups

• Hand Release Push Ups


There will be 4 workouts to be released every Friday beginning 1 January 2021.


Each registered athlete must use WeTime as their video recording app, and must upload the video on YouTube, vimeo, or other file sharing app.

Scores and video link must be uploaded on this site. Deadline of score submission will be every Friday at 9am Manila Time.


Movement standards will be released with the workout announcement.


For any questions and clarifications, email kuwekafit@gmail.com