Event description

Online Competition

The online portion of the competition will last three weeks.  Much like the CF Open, a different workout will be released each week.  Standards and score sheets will be provided.

A new workout will be released every Wednesday at 7:30PM EST.  The workout announcements will take place on the event's Facebook Page

Workout Announcement Dates

  • Wednesday, 1/13/2021 @ 7:30PM EST
  • Wednesday, 1/20/2021 @ 7:30PM EST
  • Wednesday, 1/27/2021 @ 7:30PM EST

For each respective workout, the Athletes will have Wednesday through Sunday at 7:30PM EST to complete the task.  Score submissions are also due during this timeframe.  Don't wait until the last minute to submit your score!!

All Athletes must be judged by an individual that has fully reviewed the standards.  This individual will be responsible for validating the Athlete's submitted score.  Validation of the athete's score must take place within 24 hours following the submission deadline.

Competition Finale

The Competition Finale will be held in person at the CrossFit Vertex gym.  All CrossFit Vertex COVID-19 protocols will be followed.

Finale Date:  Saturday, Feb 13th, 2021

Only the top five athletes in each division will be invited to attend the Competition Finale.  Invitations will be emailed from the crossfitvertex@gmail.com email address.  Invites must be accepted within 48 hours of receipt.  

All Athletes who aspire to compete in the Competition Finale will be required to submit videos of some or all of their workouts.  Competition staff will request video submissions via the crossfitvertex@gmail.com email address.  Videos will be requested at random for those Athletes within the top five positions of each division.  Uploads of video submissions to a YouTube channel are preferred.  

Finale Live Stream

The Competition Finale will be streamed live on the CrossFit Vertex YouTube Channel and via the even'ts Facebook Page.  We encourage family members and friends to tune in to watch your youths in action! 


Registration is currently open!  Registration closes on Sunday, 1/17/2021 @ 7:00PM EST

Age Divisions

  • Ages 10-12
  • Ages 13-14 M/F Scaled/RX
  • Ages 15-17 M/F Scaled/RX




**All Ticket Sales are Final.  The Competition Finale date and location subject to change based on pandemic status.