Event description

The Dryathlon Series will test your speed, endurance, stamina, and power on your four favorite machines - the bike, rower, runner, and ski-erg… from the comfort of the great indoors!

This event is a 3-week series. Each week you will have 7 days to complete an indoor ‘Dryathlon’ - working through a run, ski, row, and bike consecutively for time. Week 1 begins with a Sprint event. The distance on each machine increases in Week 2. And, finally, Week 3 will be your longest test.

Score submissions open on Monday morning and close on Sunday at 5 PM CST.


WEEK 1- SPRINT: 200m run, 300m ski, 400m row, 1k bike

Scores open January 4 12AM CST and close January 10 5PM CST.

WEEK 2 - MID: 400m run, 600m ski, 800m row, 2k bike

Scores open January 11 12AM CST and close January 17 5PM CST.

WEEK 3 - LONG: 800m run, 1200m ski, 1600m row, 4k bike

Scores open January 18 12AM CST and close January 24 5PM CST.

Male and Female individual divisons.

Equipment: TrueForm Runner, Concept 2 Ski Erg, Concept 2 Rower, Concept 2 Bike Erg

Registration is $25 per athlete.

No Refunds.

You cannot substitute anyone in your place to compete.