Game of WODs

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

This same-sex partner competition will be composed of a series of workouts that are specifically designed to test all of the facets of your fitness, including strength, speed, endurance, and skill. You're going to have to be the full package to win this one. There will be a number of movements that are uncommon to many competitions in the area that all of you CF competitors are still familiar with...tire flips, yoke carrys, and speed ladders anyone? The available divisions are Rx Women, Rx Men, Scaled Women, and Scaled Men. 
What is included
  • *The climate controlled yoga room will be used as a space for athletes to hang out, have some peace apart from spectators, and leave their gear. So fancy...
  • *Competitors and volunteers will receive an event shirt. Men receive a T-shirt and ladies will receive a tank. 
  • *Lunch will be provided for the event in the form of street tacos. Extras will be available for purchase for guests and any extra hungry competitors. 
  • *Showers. Enough said.
  • *Hot tub/cold tub
  • *Warm up area.
  • *Prizes? Anyone? We've got a pretty sweet lineup in the works for you that includes meal prep, SFH, restaurants, etc. 


Odd Object and Skills

Time Cap: 8 min


As a team:

40m Tire Flip 

40m Yoke Carry (440 men / 260 women)

40m Handstand Walk 

*Every 5' will be marked out for the athletes' handstand walk. If the athlete comes down from the handstand, they will need to return to the last 5' mark that was passed, as we often do in The Open. So essentially, athletes will need to be able to handstand walk 5' at a time.


40m Partner Tire Flip (lifting the tire together each rep or solo is allowed)

40m Yoke Carry (340 men / 160 women)

Accumulate 2 min of a Handstand Hold on a wall.

*Score will be total time after the 2 min cumulative handstand hold is completed.

*Hips, thighs, or any part of your body cannot rest on the wall. Only your heels or toes can be touching during the handstand hold.

*Hands will need to remain within the designated box on the ground.

Speed Ladder

The athlete may clean the barbell any way they desire.

Each athlete will complete the ladder individually.

Every barbell must be successfully cleaned before moving on to the next, and the athlete may choose to stop the ladder, forgo any remaining lifts, and sprint across the finish line at any point during the time limit.

There will be a total of 10 barbells to lift.

The athlete's score will be the time marked when the finish line is crossed upon successfully cleaning every barbell, or cap plus a penalty for any barbell not successfully lifted. In the case that not all barbells are lifted, the athlete's time will still be marked whenever they cross the finish line (if the athlete decides to sprint across before the cap is reached) and the finishing time will be used as a tie breaker for this event.

The team's placing on this event will be used as a tie breaker for the entire day of competition.

Rx Men Rx Women  Scaled Men Scaled Women

1st bar 135       95 95     65

2nd bar 155       105 105     75

3rd bar 175       115 115     85

4th bar 195       125 125     95

5th bar 215       135 135     105

6th bar 225       145 145     115

7th bar 235       155 155     120

8th bar 245       165 165     125

9th bar 255       175 175     130

Final bar 265       185 185     135


Time Cap: 8 min

Only one partner working at a time.

Partners must tag in to switch.

The gear must be moved forward to the next designated space at the completion of one round.


3 RDS For Time:

20 snatches at 95/65

2 rope climbs

Upon completion of the 3 RDS: 40 wall balls (30/20)


3 RDS For Time:

20 DB snatches at 40/30 lb

2 rope climbs

Upon completion of the 3 RDS: 40 wall balls (25/16)


**Workout to be announced on the day of competition**

Only the team members listed on Competition Corner will be allowed to compete on the day of the event, but if you need to substitute a team member due to sickness, injury, etc. please change the team member in Competition Corner first (if the registration window has not closed) and if registration has closed, which will be one week prior to the event, email 24 hours before the event and he will make the change. 

Please park directly across from the gym in the Del Amo Mall parking lot, which is approximately 100 ft from our doors. Parking around the gym itself will be used for athlete and visitor tents/personal use in addition to vendors

What to bring
  • *Any rest and recreation gear that you want for the parking lot (EZ-Ups, camping chairs, etc.).
  • *Extra snacks, meals, drinks, etc that you need to fuel yourself for the day. 
  • *Board shorts/bikini for the hot and cold tub.
  • *A change of clothes and towel for that post competition shower. 
  • *Your posse to cheer you on. (Spectators are free)