Event description

The 2021 CFV Championship is a partner competition for the CrossFit community and a fundraiser for the Northwest Youth Fitness Foundation. The mission of Northwest Youth Fitness is to improve the health and fitness of our youth.

One week ONLINE competition

Workouts announced Friday, January 8th, 2021
Score submissions due Friday, January 15th, 2021

Athlete registration opens December 1st. Prior to athlete registration, movment expectations for each division as well as a full list of required equipment will be released on our social media pages.

COVID-19 Plan
This is an online competition, so it will happen. We have two programming tracks depending on what equipment athletes have access to: Full Gear and Limited Gear. Please see equipment requirements below to select the right option for you. 

All divisions will compete in same-gender pairs. Athletes will need to be in the same location to complete the events. Each Division has a "Full Gear" and "Limited Gear" Option.

Male RX
Female RX
Male Scaled
Female Scaled
Male Masters (40+)
Female Masters (40+)

Equipment Requirements


  • 50% of registration fees go to the Athlete Prize Payout
  • 50% of registration fees go directly to the Northwest Youth Fitness Foundation

*Cost including transaction fees and platform cost is $108.57 per pair. This allows $50 of each registration to go to the prize payout and $50 to NW Youth Fitness.

Athlete Prizes
Half of all registration fees go back to the athletes through the prize payout, the other half will be donated to the Northwest Youth Fitness Foundation. Prize payouts for each division will be based on the number of registered pairs in each division.

Athlete T-Shirts
Since half the registration fees are going to the athletes and half to NYF, an athlete T-shirt is not included in registration this year. However, any athletes that would like a 2021 CFV Championship shirt may order directly from RARR Sportswear: 2021 CFV Championship Event T-Shirt Order. To receive your shirt prior to the start of competition on January 8th, please place your order no later than December 21st.

Affiliate Prize
Affiliates/gyms that have 5 or more registered pairs will be entered into a drawing for the affiliate prize.
The affiliate prize is a $2000 gift card from PR Lifting.

Video Validation
The top 5 pairs in each division will be asked to submit a video for review before podium places and prize payouts are awarded.

Refunds & Substitutions
Because this is a not-for-profit fundraising event, we will not be issuing refunds for any reason. Team members may be substituted if necessary until Friday, 1/8 when the workouts are announced.

The 2021 CFV Championship is a competition for the CrossFit athlete community and a charity fundraiser for the Northwest Youth Fitness Foundation. The mission of Northwest Youth Fitness is to improve the fitness and health of our youth.