12 Labours Strict Pull-up & Push-up Workshop

Event description

Strict Pull-Up & Push-up Workshop⁣

The 12 Labours Team is excited to present our upcoming Strict Pull-Up & Push-Up Workshop on Saturday, December 12th. This workshop is intended for those that are looking for their first strict pull-up and improve their push-up endurance. Our coaching staff will lead you through a 90 minute session to improve your pulling and pushing mechanics. Check out the event details below and email info@the12labours.com if you have any questions.⁣

When: Saturday, December 12th ⁣
Cost: Free for 12 Labours Members⁣
Registration: Link in Bio⁣

Annapolis District⁣
Time: 10:45AM - 12:15PM⁣
Registration Cap: 14⁣

Columbia District⁣
Time: 10:15AM - 11:45AM⁣
Regisration Cap: 12⁣

Workshop Agenda⁣
-Shoulder & Thoracic Stability/Mobility⁣
-Strict Pull-up/Push-Up Mechanics⁣
-Scaling/Upgrading Movements⁣
-Accessory Exercises