The Alpha Battle - Endurance Challenge. Portugal

Event description

General Info

The Tetra Endurance Challenge is an Event created by The Alpha Battle Team that will take place on the last days of November 2020 (online qualification) and on the December 20th* - On site finals.

* may suffer ajustments due to health and safety issues.

Due to the pandemic restrictions the first phase will be totally online. Workouts can be performed at any location in the world. There will be 3 workouts. One on each concept 2 machine. Ski Erg; Bike Erg; Row Erg.

In December there will be an on stage final taking place at CrossFit AlphaDen, Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal. All safety measures and governmental rules and health organization recomendations will be respected.

Best 6 male and best 6 female athletes will be qualified. After the invitation is sent, the athletes will have 48h to confirm their presence by email. If not, the next positions will advance.

There will also be sent invitations for 6 Teams (2+2) that must represent an affiliate. All the athletes must be regular athletes or coaches at the Box. Team competition will be just on site, on the same day as individuals, but in a different period.

For all considerations: Time zone: GMT (Lisbon)


Stage 1 Workouts


Workout 1: SKI ERG

Release date: 25.nov 10pm

Must be performed: 26.nov, Thursday, before 11.59pm


Workout 2: BIKE ERG

Release date: 26.nov  10pm

Must be performed: 27.nov, Friday, before 11:59 pm


Workout 3: ROW ERG

Release date: 27.nov  10pm

Must be performed: 28.nov, Saturday, before 11.59 pm



Workouts will be released on Competition Corner and also on The Alpha Battle Instagram Account. Registered athletes will also receive an alert by email.


Submission requirements

For each workout the athlete must send:

1. Vídeo link;

(Vídeo must show clearly the PM monitor being programmed and the athlete performing the erg workout. It doesn´t need to allow to read the monitor all the time. In the end, the monitor must be recorded showing the required info)

2. Erg Data screenshot or Concept 2 logbook link;

There will be no exceptions on what concerns the deadlines or the mandatory submission info.

Scores and vídeos can be uploaded in advance. They will only be uploaded to the leaderboard and be visible after the deadline and all at the same time. Avoid last minute uploading problems.

For each workout there will be specific standards announced on the previously designated dates and times.



Each Workout winner will receive a T-shirt from The Alpha Battle and sponsor gifts (send by mail);

Qualified athletes that attend to the on site phase will receive a personalized Athlete T-shirt, free snacks and drinks on the competition day;

First position athletes will also receive a prize money*:

First Male €100

First Female €100

*If at least 5 athletes appear on the on site stage


Teams will compete for the glory!