Event description

Welcome to Uncommon Virtual Throwdown 2020!

Competition will be Co-ed, MF, teams of 2. Scaled and RX divisions. Prizes for 1&2 place teams.

This competition is completely online, using video submissions for each event. 4 events total and your team will have 6 days to complete. Your team will work individually but scored as a team.

Workouts will be released on Dec 7TH with video explanations for each event and how to submit scores.All videos must be submitted by deadline, no exceptions.

In the event of competition cancelation we will reimburse the paying card back the money.

Scaled Division Standards:

·         Moving weight no more than 95/65LBs

·         Knees to chest

·         Burpees

·         Broad jumps up to 3 ft

·         Step overs 24/20 in

·         Single unders

·         Front squats

·         Thrusters

·         Push ups

·         Air squats

·         Sit ups

·         Move DB weight up to 35lbs/20 lbs

·         Rowers

RX Division Standards:

·         Moving weight no more than 135/95lbs

·         Toes to bar

·         Chest to bar pull ups

·         Broad jumps up to 3 ft

·         Box jump overs 24/20 in

·         Double unders

·         Front squats

·         Thrusters

·         Move DB weight up 50lbs/ 35lbs

·         Rowers


Event 1:

Athletes will perform a 1 rep max squat.

Scaled: back squat

Rx: front squat

3 min cap


Event 2:


60 ALT DB Snatches 50/35

50 pull ups 

40 box jumps 24/20


60 ALT DB Snatches 35/20

50 knees to chest 

40 Box step ups 24/20

*scaled may do box jumps if they prefer.


Event 3


·         Shoulder to overhead 

·         RX T2B / SC sit ups

rx 95/65

sc 75/55

6 min cap