Event description


The Smackdown is CFDC's annual in-house competition intended to highlight the pillars of our community - inclusiveness, happiness and fitness - and provide a platform to demonstrate these virtues we forge everyday in the gym.

As in previous years, this year will consist of teams of four, but for this year's competition, each member will do the workouts individually. The team scores will be calculated as the cumulative score for all four team members combined, Teams will consist of 2 Men and 2 Women, and non-binary members may elect to compete at the scaling option of your choosing.

Skill Levels and Scaling 

There will be multiple weight options and range of motion/movement options so we encourage teams to be comprised of ALL LEVELS of athletes as there are no divisions in this smackdown. This encourages us all to compete together AND it adds a level of strategy as well, so be sure to look closely at the details so you and your teammates can decide what is the best way to secure the most points.

When and Where

During all Friday classes on 11/13, 11/20, 12/4, and 12/11 at both locations. Timing and Location of finals for the top teams will occur the week of the 12/18.

Weekly workouts and movements standards will be announced each Wednesday prior to the event along with a video.

Workout Certification

Valid workouts are required to have a judge and completed at a CFDC location on the Friday of that week. Members of the same team are not allowed to judge each other. Only one attempt per workout and weekly workouts cannot be made up, unless first allowed and approved by the CFDC coaches. If you will miss Friday class, contact info@crossfitdc.com to arrange a time. Video workouts would be acceptable for out-of-town athletes.