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Girls Gone Rx IOWA Virtual Option

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Girls Gone Rx Iowa Update***
Huge shout out to Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown
for making it all work with the last minute changes. Please read below
We will be running a modified event due to the rapid increase of COVID cases in Iowa. You have 2 options for your team to compete.
Option 1) Sign up for a 1-hour time slot to complete the 3 workouts at Max Oxygen, with a judge on Saturday. The team will arrive 15 minutes prior, check in outside and then come in. 2 teams will be allowed to compete at the same time. No spectators. If the team would like to set up a livestream on their own phone, that is allowed.
The modified event will run from 8:30am (check in at 8:15am) to 4:30pm (check in at 4:15pm, last “heat hour”).
Option 2) Complete the workouts at your home box, with a judge (either a coach at your box or someone who has taken the Judges course in the past) then submitting those score sheets to Jessica at by Saturday at 11pm. A video will be sent and posted by Thursday with standards for the movements to ease any questions from your judge. This gives you the option to complete the workout anytime from Thursday to Saturday night.
Winners will be announced on Sunday night at 6:30pm via Facebook live.
Swag Bags and Podium Prizes:
If choosing option 2, the team captain (or a designated teammate) lives in the Des Moines metro area, she can pick up the swag bag beginning on Monday. If the winning teams live in the metro area, the team can pick up the prizes beginning Monday. Otherwise swag bags and prizes will be sent out beginning Thursday, Nov 19.
Over half the participants have 2 teams entered into the competition. We’d like to have the same gym teams (no more than 2 at a time) compete in the same hour. Please use the google sheet to sign up for a slot.
You will put: Team Name: and Team Captain:
Sign Up here:
Several teams are listed as independent for their gym, if you know another team that is in your gym, please try to workout at that time slot.
If you choose to compete Saturday at Max Oxygen, we will still have a photographer catching action shots of your team, great vibes and an amazing playlist for those PRs!
If you prefer to do this event as Option 2, at your home gym, please list your Team Name and Team Captain in that specified section.
If you can no longer compete due to a teammate being exposed or testing positive for COVID, please email Lindsey at and we will still get your swag bags to you (either pick up at Max Oxygen when you’re cleared to return outside your home or mailed out).