Event description

This is a competition for teams made up 3 same sex team members! It is an entry level competition for beginners looking to get competition experience, have fun and maybe win some prizes along the way. If you're new to CrossFit or competing then this is the comp for you!

The comp is comprised of 4 WOD’s with all teams doing all 4, and all team members participating in each of the workouts. And there is something for everyone – workouts are designed to let beginners shine in their areas of strength and push their boundaries in others.  As a beginners comp, you can rest assured there won’t be any technical gymnastics and weighted elements can be scaled.  There really is no reason why anyone wanting to compete can’t get involved!

On the day we have a food vendor and all social distancing guidelines will be complied with.

Our judges are friendly and supportive and we release the WODs the week before. A full briefing takes place on the evening before the competition via ZOOM so you can be sure of movement standards.

It takes place on Sunday 1st November, entry is £105 per team. Spectators are sadly unable to attend due to government guidelines BUT with a DJ on the mezzanine the atmostphere is going to be electric.