1st Annual PB Fest presented by DriveWay Fitness

Event description

1st Annual Personal Best Back Squat & Deadlift Event

Amateur and Novice Lifters ONLY!

Come test your 2020 training and set a Personal Best in the Back Squat and Deadlift, in a fun, competitive environement. 

Your only competition will be you against you!

You will have have three attempts in the back squat.

You will have three attempts in the deadlift. 

We will abide by the lifting rules of the United States Powerlifting Coalition.

No gloves, straps or lifting suits allowed! (Singlets okay)

Elbow & Knee Sleeves along with wrist wraps ARE allowed. 

In order to encourage early registration, the organizers are offering an early entry fee of $24 until November 13th. 

Fees will increase to $50 from November 14th - November 30th.

Then a final increase to $75 from December 1st to day of event.

So please register ealry and tell your friends!

Weigh-ins will take place on the morning of the event starting at 7 AM!!

Let's end 2020 with a PB and set up your training for 2021!