Event description

VFC Presents… ‘The Riot’ is an online fitness competition for teams of two athletes. Pairs can be same or mixed-sex with categories for Female-Female, Male-Male and Male-Female pairings. Teams can choose to enter the Elite or Scaled categories and support in selecting the appropriate category can be found in the ‘Standards and Ability’ section below.

Competition entry will be £25 per team plus registration fee.

- Workout release and submission -

Teams will complete four workouts over 24 days and will be given three deadlines by which to submit their scores. 

Workouts 1 and 2 will be released together and teams will have 14 days to submit their score and required video link. At this point the leaderboard will be updated. Workout 3 and 4 will be released separately giving you 5 days to complete each workout. The leaderboard will be updated again after deadline 2 and then, following the third and final deadline, the winners will be announced on our Social Media. This will all be done via Competition Corner and video links are required for all submissions.*


To accomodate national and international lockdowns the event dates are being updated to reflect an earlier start and later submission deadline. We will be releasing all the workouts together and workout deadlies will all be moved to the same day. This change allows teams across the globe to complete the workouts and upload scores in a way best suited to their individual locations and makes the competition as fair as possible for all involved.

Workout 1, 2, 3 & 4 will now be released between Friday November 20th and Monday November 23rd and will all be due for submission by the extended (and ever-changing) end date announced on our Instagram. 

All deadlines will be 10pm on the day of submission.

- Registration -

Registration for the competition goes live week beginning October 26th and teams will be able to register for the competition up until 10pm on the day before the competition deadline and the final submission deadline for all workouts.

- Prizes -

Cash Prizes will be awarded for the overall winners of the three Elite categories and all individual workout winners will be entered into a draw to win a prize bundle of items from all of our partners. 

Winners of the three Scaled categories will also receive a prize bundle from our partners.

If you are a company (or know of any!) that would like to work with us, please get in touch! The more partners we have, the bigger the prize bundle.

The three winning Elite Pairs - MM / FF / MF - will each receive a cash prize and the more teams that sign up, the larger the prize potential.

- Score Validation -

All scores must be submitted with a supporting video that clearly displays the required movement standards. This video must include a timer - we suggest using the App ‘WODProof’ which will overlay a timer for you - or have a running clock clearly in shot. 

If the video fails to clearly show a movement completed to standard, an athlete leaves the frame or the time is unclear, scores may be rejected or replacement videos may be requested.

We will review video for the top 5 teams in each division for every workout and will spot review other team videos chosen at random throughout the competition.

- Equipment -

This is a fully-equipped competition and you will need access to all of the equipment on the equipment list below.

Equipment must be clearly displayed at the beginning or end of the video recording and must be ‘to expected industry and RX standard’.

- Equipment list - The Riot 2020 -

Concept2 Rower

Barbell (M-20kg/F-15kg) 

Weight plates 

Dumbbells 22.5/15/10kg

Plyo Box

Rig or Bar allowing athletes to complete gymnastic movements like Pull-ups, Toes-to-Bar, etc

Ab Mat (Optional)

- Standards and Ability -

Your coach, peers or VFC Presents team should be able to offer you advice if you are unsure. Athletes are encouraged to choose an appropriate division that will challenge their ability but ensure they enjoy and celebrate a successful competition relative to their ability and lifestyle.   

To help you make a decision that ensures you enjoy the competition we recommend considering the standards below.

// Elite:

This category is for Athletes competent in all RX Movement standards. For example…

HSPU, Toes-to-Bar, Double-unders and Pull-ups.

Athletes will be competent with all Olympic Barbell movements and sound movement mechanics displayed across all compound strength movements.

// Scaled:

This category is for those able to complete all basic bodyweight movements safely and appropriately adjust for ability. For example…

Press ups, Air Squats, Hanging Knee-Raises and Single-skips. 

Athletes must have an understanding of how to complete compound strength movements like Squat, Deadlift and Pressing and Olympic Weightlifting movements like Clean and Snatch safely.

- Safety -

The online format of The Riot means that Pairs can compete from whatever location they are in around the world but will need to be co-located in order to complete and film workouts together. Teams will need access to a facility that allows them to meet equipment requirements and that offers a COVID-Safe environment to train.

Workouts are programmed to support all current government legislation and can be completed safely and with ‘Social Distancing’ in place for athletes who are not in any existing support bubble or single household. ‘VFC Presents’ take no responsibility for any Athlete operating or choosing to engage in any way with specific activities that fall outside of the current guidance in your area.

- Rules and Requirements -

Athletes must register via Competition Corner and pay the required entry fee.
Athletes must submit a supporting video submission for all workouts clearly displaying workout standards and equipment.
The registration cost and all fees are non-refundable.
Following the first score submission on December 6th, categories are locked and teams cannot change category.
Teams cannot substitute either member of their pairing and refunds cannot be issued due to travel, injury or otherwise.
Athletes can enter multiple categories and can participate in more than one team if they wish.
The ‘VFC Presents’ team reserve the right to disqualify any individual or team based on review of all supporting video, if teams are considered to be in violation of any the rules or if any team is seen to be behaving in an un-sporting or disrespectful manner.
All Athletes compete at their own risk and should consider all current safety guidelines when existing in any public space, including Gyms.


By entering The Riot you are agreeing to all terms outlined above.

Now, with all that out of the way, It’s time to start a riot…