Event description

Welcome to ShareWOD Forest :)

Make yourself comfortable in this mystic place, where new original WODs will show up every Thursday in an ongoing free online competition which stays open till the end of 2020.


There is one combined division for everybody. (Genders can still be filtered in the leaderboard display.)

WOD announcements (RX + scaled)

There will be a new WOD announced every Thursday, starting from November 5th. Scores will be counted all the way till the end of 2020. Registered athletes will automatically be informed (by e-mail) as soon as a new WOD is announced.

Some workouts will have an RX and a scaled version, and you can decide for every workout if you want to do it RX or scaled.
Note: Scaled scores will always be ranked below the lowest RX score in the leaderboard for the particular WOD.

Submission Rules

Wanna have a first shot at the WOD, upload your score and maybe redo it later? No problem. We'll keep the leaderboard dynamic, so you can come back to a WOD any time, beat your old PR and enter your new score. (For the sake of a live competition feeling for all, it is recommended however that you do the first attempt of your WOD within the week when it has been announced)

As ShareWOD Forest is around for the first time, and the word is yet to be spread, registrations will stay open all the way. That means that athletes who sign up later in the game will still be able to participate in any earlier WOD that they missed.
So feel free to share this virtual online competition with all your friends. Let's make it a big family, connecting people from all over the globe.


by rank: First place in a WOD gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points and so on. As long as you haven't submitted your score for a WOD you will be given the highest score for that WOD.

Note: If you have chosen to scale a workout, please make sure to check the field "Did you modify/scale this workout?" before submitting your score.

Video Uploads

Feel free to share your performance with the world. Videos are not required though. We all rely on trust and integrity of each other's rep counting.
(Tip: A video, uploaded or not, can always help you keep track of counting, tie-break times and more)

Any Questions left?
Just contact us at shareWODforest@gmail.com