Event description

Due to the restrictions on fitness facilities, we were unable to host our in person event as we had planned for this year.  We have decided to bring the event to you the only way we can, by doing an online global competition!  

1st place in each division will win $200 and 2nd place in each division will win $100 (we will require that there be a minimum of 5 athletes/division in order to give cash prizes)

Additional prizes may be added for all podium winners (TBD based on registration).


All participants will receive a t-shirt, which will be mailed out after the completion of the event.  Be sure to select your T-shirt size during registration. 

Division Standards

The RX division is for athletes that would typical Rx all open workouts.  The Intermediate division is for athletes that may normally scale a few open workouts due to the high level gymnastics or heavy weights.  *Full division standards can be found at the registration page for each division. 


All 3 Workouts will be released throughout the month of November.

All workouts must be completed with scores and videos submitted between 11/19/2020 8pm EST to 11/23/2020 8pm EST. Any scores/videos submitted after that time will not be counted.  Feel free to practice, but video submissions will require a date and timestamp showing that they were completed during the scheduled time.   

Videos must be recorded with the WODPROOF app and submitted via YouTube for review.  Final results will be based upon judges’ review and winners will be announced the following week.


*No refunds*