Event description


1. COMPETITION FORMAT: ONLINE Individual and Teams

It works three consecutive weeks, every week, 2 WODs are published on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

All scores and videos must be uploaded on the Wednesday and Sunday following the launch, 6 p.m. GTM-6 (video submission will be required at the end of the WOD to win the Cup)

Athletes can perform both individually and as a team.

All the online challenge workouts are structured in a way that allows teams to do them remotely, independent of each other.

One athlete per team must be the captain. The athlete who registers will be considered the team captain and will be responsible for any and all required results and video submission on behalf of the team.

If athletes are looking to attempt to win CUP in multiple divisions, either individual or in teams (i.e. RX and Mod Teams, Indy Master or Teens), they are eligible to do so. However, athletes must register twice through the registration platform and must use separate email addresses for each. If an athlete chose to participate in multiple individual or team divisions during the Competition, and the corresponding WODS are different in any way, athletes must complete both versions of subsequent workouts.

Team substitutions during the challenge: Any athlete can be substituted before the deadline for submission of the first score. Subscriptions cannot be made after all scores have been submitted. You must replace the athlete information by the athlete login


Individual divisions: $ 42.00 + service fees

Team Divisions: $ 125.00 + Service Fees

No refunds will be given. Without exceptions.



 Gather your friends and compete as a team for the Cup!

Pick your division and then get ready to tackle 3 incredible weeks.

Teammates do not have to be in the same gym or even in the same country to participate, the team is 2 men and 1 woman



The first step to participate in COPA as an individual Master or Teen is to register!

Multiple workouts are posted every Saturday and Wednesday, scores are due the Wednesday and Sunday following each posting.


Athletes must be recorded presenting themselves with their name, team, box that they represent, in addition to showing in the filming the equipment they are using before and after finishing the event, they will never be able to leave the filming box and no person will be able to grant help or bend the team while event time is running

Events should be uploaded only through the team captain to at (18:00) GTM -6 pm

Deadline for Uploading the videos to the platform:

EVENT 1: Wednesday, November 18

EVENT 2: Sunday, November 22

EVENT 3: Wednesday, November 25

EVENT 4: Sunday, November 29

EVENT 5: Wednesday, December 2

EVENT 6: Sunday December 6

NOTE: If the team or athlete did not upload the video before (18:00) GTM -6 pm, their score will be 0 points in the event without any discussion

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