ASAP Fitness Lockdown Partner Throwdown

Event description

Welcome to ASAP Fitness's Online Partner Lockdown Throwdown Competition! 

Use this competition to have some fun with your friends, help keep you accountable to your training, and bring some relief to the downer that COVID has brought to all of our lives!

Teams will include Rx (MM or FF) division as well as a Scaled/Masters (MM or FF) Division. It will be held at the place of your convenience on Friday, November 20th & Saturday, November 21st.

This event is 2 days! Workouts will take less than an hour to complete each day.

The workouts will start with a 60:00 running clock and will be be back to back with designed rest periods. More to come on that later...

While designing these events, we kept in mind you might be using your garage gym or maybe part of your local box while a class is going on so we made it easy to transition between workouts, using minimal equipment, while taking up as little space as possible. No more having to hang around the gym all day and taking up your entire weekend! 


Rx Movements will include Muscle Ups, HSPU, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, and be able to clean and jerk 185/115lbs.If you cannot do these movements, scaled/masters will be a better division to sign up for.

Anyone can do the Scaled/Masters division which will have Jumping Pull Ups, Step Ups, and lighter barbell movements.

All sales are final. No refunds.

Workouts will be released every so often on our instagram page _asapfit_