Danish Functional Fitness Championship 2020

Event description

The Danish Functional Fitness Championship (DFFC) 2020 is simultaneously a celebration of community and fitness in the Community Division, and a grueling test of fitness to find the Fittest in Denmark.
The DFFC is brought to you by GoWod and organized by Funktionel Fitness Danmark (FFD), the national sports federation for CrossFit and functional fitness in Denmark.

Format, Divisions, Prices, Prizes & Dates

The DFFC is an online competition, taking place over three weeks, starting the 30th of October. Each week consists of a window of opportunity, from the announcement of the workout(s) Friday, till deadline for score submissions on Sunday.
Athletes in both divisions are expected to have access to the equipment used in the CrossFit Games Open. In addition, athletes in the Elite Division are expected to have access to the Concept 2 Ski Erg and the Concept 2 Bike Erg. Note that we expect to announce a number of DFFC partner boxes and training centres where Elite Athletes will be able to get access to the abovementioned ergs which they might lack access to, in order for them to be able to complete all workouts.
The Elite Division

In the Female and Male Elite Divisions, we will find the Fittest Woman and Fittest Man in Denmark through a test of fitness consisting of 6 grueling workouts - all programmed by 4 times Games-athlete Tim Paulson.
Athletes signing up for the Elite Division, should be able to perform all movements seen in the CrossFit Games Open without difficulty and be able to snatch 90kg (males) and 65kg (females) or close to.
Prizes: 20.000 DKK to 1st place in both subdivisions (Elite Male/Elite Female). 88.000 DKK total prize pool. Full information on placement prizes will be released on the evening of the 22th of October.
Price: 100 DKK for each individual athlete (+ Competition Corner fee)
The Community Division

The Community Division is brought to you by our Community Partner Rx'd Events and programmed by our Programing Partner The Progrm.

In the Community Division, pairs of males (m/m) or pairs of females (f/f) compete in two subdivisions in order to prove the fitness of their pair, their box and the community as a whole.  Each weekend they will complete at least one scored event together.
Any athlete signing up for the Community Division, should expect to be able to participate in all workouts being announced. Workout design will also take athletes with higher skill levels into account. This allows athletes to prove their fitness in the Community Division, regardless of skill level,
Prizes: Some placement prizes, but mostly lottery based prizes for boxes signing members up and athletes alike. The total prize pool is around 200.000 DKK, not awarded in cash. More details will be released in the week leading up to competition start.
Price: 150 DKK for each pair of athletes (+ Competition Corner fee)
Dates and Deadlines

Week 1
October the 30th till November the 1st
Elite Deadline (November the 1st 18:00, GMT+1)
Community Deadline (November the 1st 23:59, GMT+1)
Week 2
November the 6th till November the 8th
Elite Deadline (November the 8th 18:00, GMT+1)
Community Deadline (November the 8th 23:59, GMT+1)
Week 3
November the 13th till November the 15th
Elite Deadline (November the 15th 18:00, GMT+1)
Community Deadline (November the 15th 23:59, GMT+1)
Deadline for week 2
Deadline for week 3
Workouts for all divisions will be announced at the start of, or in the early part of, each competition workout. More information to come as to how, when and where announcements will take place.

Non-standard rules in effect at the DFFC listed below. We reserve the right to, if absolutely necessary to ensure a good and fair competition, to introduce new non-standard rules until the release of the official rulebook, no later than 25th October 2020.
In accordance with the CrossFit Games Competition Rulebook 2020, section 1.07 & 1.08, as well as the International Functional Fitness Federation 2020 Competition Rulebook, section 2.3.3, the board of Functional Fitness Denmark has ruled that athletes that are Danish citizens are eligible to compete in the national championship, i.e. the Elite Division of the DFFC. Athletes of all nationalities are eligible to compete in the Community Division.
Athletes are eligible to compete in either the Male (Elite) and Male/Male (Community) or the Female (Elite) and Female/Female (Community), in accordance with the legal gender ascribed by their civil registration number and legal gender only, with reference to lovbekendtgørelse 2014 nr. 752 om tildeling af nyt personnummer til personer, der oplever sig som tilhørende det andet køn.
All athletes born in 2006 or earlier are eligible to compete in either division. Note that athletes younger than 18, might be required to provide proof of legal guardian consent.
In 2020, no qualification for either division is required.
Workout Standards
Full workout standards to be released in video and text format as part of workout announcements.
Video Submission Standards
Full standards for video submissions to be released in text format as part of workout announcements. Athletes in the Elite Division should expect to be subjected to strict video submission standards and to follow them, in order to have their scores considered valid. More information to follow.
Video Reviews
More information on video review to follow. For the Elite Division we aim for a process more transparent, thorough and fairer than the one seen in the CrossFit Games Open – with the understanding that it takes a lot of work and effort to perform video reviews in a timely manner.
Erg Usage
In all divisions, only workouts performed on a Concept 2 erg is considered valid. This is to ensure fair competition. Note that in the Community Division, this only pertains to the Concept 2 Row Erg. Any version of a Concept 2 Row Erg (Community), Concept 2 Ski Erg (Elite) and Concept 2 Bike Erg (Elite) is considered legal.
As with all equipment, it should be noted, any alterations made to the equipment in order to achieve unfair advantages will be considered cheating.
Any questions, concerns or considerations should be directed to: mail@funktionelfitnessdanmark.dk