Event description

This is a team of 2 (MM or FF) friendly functional fitness competition.

This will be a great opportunity to give you something to train for post-Thanksgiving. Grab a partner and let's have some fun!!

RX- MM or FF
Scaled- MM or FF
Be ready... there will be a possibility of 1 online event that will be part of your official score. If/when this should happen, you will have more than enough time to complete the event. If the online event does come to fruition and the score is not submitted you will not receive any points for that particular event. Also, you will be required to record your workout and we recommend using the WeTime app. More details to come soon.

There will be no refunds, however, if you need to substitute partners please email robortiz.w35@gmail.com asap. No substitutions will be allowed within 7 days prior to the event.