Event description


Welcome to the 2020 ChasingBetter Throwdown hosting by ChasingBetter Wod supplies. This year we're excited to bring you a live Functional Fitness event like no other, spanning across 3 days and 3 locations.



  • 13th - Friday Night Lights begins 5:30pm
  • 14th - Saturday Event Starts 8am
  • 15th - Sunday Start: 7:45am

Programmed by James Fitzgerald
The event workouts have been crafted with balance and relative intensity in mind. Your ability to challenge yourself and push past physical and mental barriers throughout the 3 days will determine how well you place against your competition.

RX athletes will undergo 6 workouts starting with the Friday night lights on Friday the 13th of November.

Beginner, Intermediates and Masters Athletes will begin your first workout on the Saturday Morning.

Podiums and final events are scheduled for Sunday between 3-5pm (schedule pending).



Food and Coffee vendors will be scheduled for Sunday and Friday night.

Spectators are more than welcome over the weekend to attend and support athletes. 

Due to the close quarter nature of the event, this puts everyone at risk of the transmission of germs and viruses. We advise that anyone who are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms do not attend the event. Attending the ChasingBetter event whether you're a spectator, athlete or volunteer whilst experiencing these cold or flu like symptoms will result in a fine.