PROVING GROUNDS by Reebok CrossFit 306

Event description

A one of a kind competition inspired by the CrossFit Open. This competition is for everyone; from beginners to elite. Four workouts will be released on Thursday Nov 26th and Thursday Dec 3rd at 5pm. Score submissions will be due the following Monday at 5pm for each of the two weeks (total of 8 scored events).

Divisions available are (male & female):

Elite Teens (ages 13 - 17 as of November 26, 2020)
Elite Open (ages 18 - 39 as of November 26, 2020)
Elite Masters (ages 40 & over as of November 26, 2020)
Open (everyone!) -a “scaled” version of each WOD will be released with the option for athletes to chose*
*similar to the CrossFit Open, all “scaled” scores will be scored lower than “Open” scores. Athletes may chose to do any one or combination of workouts as Open or scaled. Scoring will reflect option chosen.


All Elite divisions will be non-scaled and high skilled. Workouts for the “Elite Teen” and “Elite Masters” division will model past “Age Group Online Qualifier” in terms of loading, volume and skill. “Elite Open” division will model past “Regionals” in terms of loading, volume and skill. The “Open” division is for everyone. Intermediate level athletes can expect to see movements similar to the “Crossfit Open”. There will also be a “scaled” option for each workout. An athlete can chose to complete any movement standard and/or workout following whichever option they want. Like the “Crossfit Open”, if any movement/workout is completed with the scaled option, it will be scored lower than “open” option.

Equipment lists will be provided to all participants two weeks in advance to make it accessible to everyone even if you can’t get in to a gym to perform the workouts.


When: Thursday, November 26 to Monday, december 7 2020  

An inclusive equipment list will be sent out to all athletes by Novemeber 13th, 2020. This will allow time for securing equipment should you chose to do the workouts at home. A basic list of equipment will include Olympic barbell and standard height plates, dumbbells, pull up bar/rig, rings for muscle ups, skipping rope and Concept 2 rower (only).

Week 1 - Four workouts will be released on Thursday, November 26th 2020 at 10:00pm CST. Scores for week one are due by Monday, November 30th at 5:00pm CST

Week 2 - Four workouts will be released on Thursday, December 3rd 2020 at 10:00pm CST. Scores for week two are due on Monday, December 7th at 5:00pm CST


COST: $25 per person



Prizes will be awarded to the top three Male and Female competitors in each division. Prizing will be broken up as follows:

1st Place (M & F) Elite Category - $300

2nd Place (M & F) Elite Category - $200

3rd Place (M & F) Elite Category - $100

Top three finishers in all other divisions will receive a sponsor prize pack including open, teens, and masters.



Athlete names will be viewable via Competition Corner at the close of registration. The scores will be blind until the conclusion of each week. If you plan on being competitive in any division, all workouts must be video recorded (details for each video standard will accompany the WODs). Top athletes in each division will be asked to provide selected video links through YouTube at the conclusion of the event. This will be modelled after the CrossFit Open for movement standards and video procedures


Rules & Details:

Elite Teens (Male & Female); ages 13 - 17 as of November 26th 2020
Elite Open (Male & Female); ages 18 - 39 as of November 26th 2020
Elite Masters (Male & Female); ages 40+ as of November 26th 2020
Open (Male & Female); all ages (includes a “scaled” option for each workout)
As mentioned above, videos will be required for anyone placing in the top prize spots. If you are going to be competitive, please be prepared to video all workouts. Standards for video recording will be included with each workout. Every workout must be recorded as described with the workout. At the completion of the competition, top ranked athletes will be asked to submit video links of workouts (via YouTube) to validate their scores. If video procedures are not followed or videos are missed or “uncommon”, scores for that workout be invalid and adjusted accordingly.


Refund Policy:

Refunds will be granted up to end of day November 25th. After this time, refunds will not be granted for any reason. If an athlete is unable to compete after the close of registration, they may name a substitute to compete within the same division as they were originally registered. Please let us know if there are any concerns regrading competing once the registration deadline has closed and we will do out best to address them for you.