British Masters Online Championships 2020 - The Finals!

Event description

What is BMC online Finals?

An invite - only online weekend competition designed exclusively for the top 5 Masters in each age group from our qualifiers.

Age groups are as per The Open, from 35yrs +

Our aim is to provide a competition to motivate masters across the world to train and provide a platform for fair and fun fitness testing.

BMC aims to recognise and help develop the future Masters talent in the sport of CrossFit in a safe, fun environment. Movement standards will always come first and the event organisers always encourage safe, correct movement under the pressure of a competition environment.


Between 9th-12th October, this next stage of competition which will have all workouts needed to be filmed and judged then reviewed online before announcing any winners.

Workout Release Dates and Times as qualifying rounds: Friday 9th Oct @ 4am for workout release, submission deadline 10pm Monday 12th.


Free - you won your place!

What do I need?

Photo evidence of a valid form of ID.

A judge and video for each workout. You will need your usual training gear, and any accessories you may need for gymnastics & weightlifting, a mobile phone or filming device, we reccommend downloading the WODproof App.

There is a list of movements and equipment required on each category description ** This is subject to change - you will be notified via email if any changes to this list occur.

BMC is hosted by Titan Fitness (Formerly CrossFit Corinthian)