Southern Pacific LWC 33 Championship

Event description

The 2015 Southern Pacific LWC 33 Weightlifting Championship will be held Sun March 29, 2015 at Waxman's Gym in Los Angeles. To enter you must have a current USAW membership card, register online and have obtained the qualifying total in a sanctioned competition within 12 months prior to the meet. This is a USAW sanctioned meet. All IWF rules will apply, singlets are mandatory.

Women's Qualifying Totals
48kg class: 73kg
53kg class: 95kg
58kg class:105kg
63kg class:110kg
69kg class:120kg
75kg class:125kg
75+kg class: 130kg

Men's Qualifying Totals
56kg class: 118kg
62kg class: 144kg
69kg class: 170kg
77kg class: 198kg
85kg class: 213kg
94kg class: 222kg
105kg class: 231kg
105+kg class: 232kg

Winners will be awarded in each weight category

Refund Policy
No refunds will be provided after registration.