Never Back Down Partner Challenge 4.0

Event description

Never Back Down Partner Challenge is back! 

We are taking this version online with a 1 hour Gaunlet style competition. The workouts will be released on Thursday Nov. 26th at 8pm. You and your partner will have until Sunday Nov. 29th at 8pm to submit your score for the 4 workouts. The workouts will be done within 1 hour and start at specific times within that hour. ex. Workout 1: from 0:00- 10:00 complete sychro 21-15-9. Then workout 2 starts 10:00- 25:00 window. 

Rx and scaled will require video submission to qualify for podium prizes (1 hour rolling footage on youtube or google drive link). Video must be taken through the app WODProof with timer and NBD logo in corner. Make sure to search qualifiers and find the event to set up the correct timer.

Leaderboard will be finalized and posted on December 1st for all athletes to view standings.

Male/Female pairs.

Equipment required:

- rower

- barbell, collars, bumper plates

- dumbell

- pull up bar


Rx and Scaled Division 

RX standard:

- t2b

- clean and jerk 135/95

- snatch 115/85

- DL 225/155


- DB movements 50/35


Scaled Standard:

- hanging knee raise

- clean and Jerk 115/85

- snatch 95/65

- DL 155/105

- Push ups

- DB movements 35/20