Thicc Thighs and Pumpkin Pies CF Comp

Event description

One Day Partner CF Competition with advanced and scaled division. MM and FF. Prizes for top teams.

No refund, as this is an inexpensive donation for hosting a quick and fun competition.

Park in Homeland's south parking lot across the street from CF SDG. Bring your own chairs to set up under our big circus tent. Bring your own drinks or purchase from on-site vendors.

Standards all divisions (Rx, M/F, Scaled M/F): Max Oly Lifts, Assault Bike, Row, Run, WB 20/14/14/10, DL 225/155, 185/115, Thruster/Snatches 95/65, 75/55, Box Overs 30/24/24/20, KB/DB Snatches 53/35/35/25, HSPU RX, Chest to deck push-up Scaled, Pull up RX.