BodyBox Throwdown 2020 Online Competition

Event description

BodyBox Throwdown 2020 Online Competition 

For many years BodyBox has only been known as an intense group of athletes that attack an even more intense programming. Participating in competitions onsite and online always leaving their presence felt. Now it’s time to give the world a taste of how BodyBox athletes train and compete at the same time. It's a lot about the programming.

This competition is for all levels. The only qualifier is that you must be 18 years or older to participate. It doesn't matter if you are new to competing or you have experience. This competition is for you. There's a category for those who have access to equipment and for those who do not. 

There is no better time than now to throw your hat into the ring and test your fitness.

Please share this with all your friends and become BodyBox athletes. 

Individual Price To Compete - FREE!!!

Competition Intro

  • Individual 
  • Male and Female (18 years or older)
  • 4 to 5 Scored Workouts
  • RX, Scaled, Garage Athletes and Garage Athletes Scaled 
  • Substitutions are not permitted

RX: This will have high difficulty level challenges.

Scaled: The challenges in this category will be adapted to be easier than those presented in the "RX" category.

Garage Athletes: This category will have challenges structured for only bodyweight movements.

Garage Athletes Scaled: The challenges in this category will be structured for only bodyweight movements and adapted to be easier than the "Garage Athletes" category.

Necessary Equipment For Rx and Scaled

Pull Up Bar 




24”/20” Box 

50/35/20/10 Pair of Dumbbells 

Wall Ball 20/14/10 lbs 

Jump Rope



Necessary Equipment For Both Garage Athlete Divisions

Jump Rope

Chair or Box

Weighted Vest or Backpack

Tape Measure


***Video recordings are required for all score submissions (YouTube or post on your social media tagging BodyBoxComps)***


This BodyBox Throwdown is a 4 week competition beginning on November 12, 2020 and ending on December 7, 2020. There is 1 workout per week that will be scored. Workouts are announced on Thursday at 8:00 PM EST. and scores are due by the following Monday at 8:00 PM EST. 

Video Submission

BodyBoxComps has partnered with WODProof to provide all of our athletes with the Official Time Stamped FAIR Competition Timer! 

  • Download WODProof App. before beginning the first workout
  • Click Camera button 
  • Click Qualifiers
  • Select your Event (BodyBox Throwdown logo)
  • Choose Workout
  • Click Start Workout

Shoot the video from an angle so our judges can confirm all exercises are clearly meeting the movement standards. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to visible distortion.  Athletes must state his/her name, who he/she is representing and the workout being performed/recorded. In addition, during the recording the athlete must show all the weights and equipment before timing of the workout begins or after the workout is completed before stopping the recording.

Athletes must upload a video of their performance in each workout.

Each workout needs to be on a video where the movements can be clearly seen. Instructions for this will be included with each workout. There may be only 1 competitor performing the workout per video. The video must be uploaded and submitted via YouTube OR posted on your Instagram or Facebook social media presence tagging BodyBoxComps. The video must be included with your results submission. Video submissions will not be accepted after the workouts submission deadline. Video submissions that do not meet submission standards listed in workout announcements are subject to score penalties or rejection.



Judgement of scoring is up to the discretion of BodyBox. Please ensure that you read the rules and instructions of each workout and follow all movement standards to help avoid penalties or rejection of a score.

You may submit multiple efforts of a workout. Your best valid performance will count for scoring for that week. However, once the deadline is passed, there will be no opportunity to resubmit a workout performance.

Prizes - To Be Announced

Refund Policy

The entry fee for this competition is $0.00, meaning there is no charge.  Therefore, refunds are not applicable.

Community Building 

Tag @teambodybox or @bodyboxcomps so that you can be added to and participate in our group chats on the various social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook). This will also allow you to have your videos and progress posted on our platform.


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