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WheelWOD OPEN - Online Qualifiers 2021 Games

WheelWOD Open is a functional fitness competition for adaptive athletes. This is an annual WorldWide Online Competition and qualifier. This year the qualifiers will be seperate of the CrossFit Open.

We are adding a place where seated (wheeled) athletes and standing (Upper, Lower, Neuro, Sensory impairments) adaptive athletes, that cannot do movements to the able bodied standard due to a perminent impairment, a place they can compete to qualify for the WheelWOD Games. COST TO REGISTER IS: $20.00 USD.
WheelWOD.com implemented this service to give Adaptive Athletes a chance to participate/compete in the sport of and Fitness. We also want to help promote and spread the word to the world as what adaptive athletes are capable of.
This Will be WheelWOD.com 8th year adapting the open and will have a Men's & Women's Scaled & Rx Division. The Competition will Run independently this year. The Workouts will be released at 5pm EST Monday Nights. This will include movement standards, video instruction and scorecards. All Rx athletes are expected to submit scores and video proof by the following Sunday at 5pm EST to be eligible to qualify for the WheelWOD Games. The competition will not accept late submissions due to any reason.
Scaled or Rx??
Rx Competitors and Scaled competitors will sign up for the same division. If an athlete performs the scaled version of the workout they will select scaled when they submit their scores and this will automatically place them lower in that event then all RX scores on the leader board. Athletes will chose each workout on how they proceed either Scaled or RX.
Workouts release and competition schedule is as follows: Multiple workouts will be released each week.
Week 1 - November 30th - December 6th 2020
Week 2 - December 7th - December 13th 2020
Week 3 - December 14th - December 20th 2020
The Top 10 finishers of The Men's & Women's RX Divisions will be automatically Qualified to The WheelWOD Games following verification of scores via video proof.
NOTE: Previous qualifiers for the 2020 Games that were cancelled will be automatically qualified as long as they complete all 2021 Qualifier workouts and the new qualified athletes will be backfilled if the previous athletes qualify ahead.
All Details and Rules Can Be found at WheelWOD.com


The 2020 WheelWOD Games was cancelled this year due to coronavirus. But, we are excited to announce the 2021 WheelWOD Games estimated dates and the qualifying process.

2021 WheelWOD Games Date: November 2021

2021 WheelWOD Games Format

There will be two stages to the Games. The top 10 athletes in each division, plus 2020 WheelWOD qualified athletes that complete the qualifiers will compete in Stage 1, which will be conducted at the athlete’s home gyms via video submission. 

Then, the top five athletes (five men and five women) in each division will earn a spot in Stage 2 which will be an in-person competition to be held in November 2021.


Qualifying Information

Athletes may qualify for the 2021 WheelWOD Games via the 2020 Qualifier (November 30-December 20) or the 2021 CrossFit Games Open.


2021 WheelWOD Games Qualifiers will begin November 2020. Registration and completion is required to be eligible to advance to the 2021 WheelWOD Games.

Link to register: https://competitioncorner.net/events/4280

Week 1: November 30th – December 6th, 2020; 2 Workouts

Week 2: December 7th – December 13th, 2020; 2 Workouts

Week 3: December 14th – December 20th, 2020; 2 Workouts

Registration: http://wheelwod.com/wheelwod-open-registration/

*Athletes who qualified for the 2020 WheelWOD Games will be eligible to automatically qualify for the 2021 WheelWOD Games. To do so, athletes will need to register and complete each workout 2021 WheelWOD Qualifier or the 2021 CrossFit Open. Placement in the qualifier or CF Open does not matter, but completion of the qualifier is required to retain the offer to compete in Stage 1 of the 2021 WheelWOD Games.



I WheelWOD Games 2020 sono stati cancellati a causa del coronavirus. Siamo felici di annunciare che le date di qualifiche e Games dell'edizione 2021 sono confermate. 

WheelWOD Games 2021: novembre 2021

Format dei WheelWOD Games 2021

Sono previsti due step finali. I migliori 10 atleti di ogni categoria, più gli atleti qualificatisi dall'edizione 2020, competeranno nello Step 1, si sfideranno presso il proprio box attraverso la condivisione di video. I migliori 5 di ogni categoria (5 uomini e 5 donne) si guadagneranno così la possibilità di accedere allo Step 2, che avverrà in presenza fisica e si terrà a novembre 2021. 

Informazioni sulle Qualifiche

Gli atleti potranno qualificarsi per i WheelWOD Games 2021 o attraverso i risultati delle qualifiche 2020 oppure attraverso gli Open 2021 dei CrossFit Games.

Le qualifiche dei WheelWOD Games 2021 avranno inizio nel mese di novembre 2020. La registrazione è obbligatoria e il completamento del percorso di qualifica permette di avanzare ai WheelWOD Games 2021.

Prima settimana: dal 30 novembre al 6 dicembre 2020; 2 workout.

Seconda settimana: dal 7 dicembre al 13 dicembre 2020; 2 workout.

Terza settimana: dal 14 dicembre al 20 dicembre 2020; 2 workout.

Iscrizione: http://wheelwod.com/wheelwod-open-registration/

* Gli atleti qualificati per i WheelWOD Games 2020 sono automaticamente qualificati per i WheelWOD Games 2021. Per confermare l'iscrizione, gli atleti dovranno registrarsi e completare comunque tutti i workout delle qualifiche dei WheelWOD Games 2021 o dell'Open 2021 dei CrossFit Games. Il piazzamento non sarà preso in considerazione ma il completamento delle qualifiche è richiesto per mantenere la possibilità di competere nello Step 1 dei WheelWOD Games 2021.


Suite à l’annulation des WheelWOD Games 2020 cette année en raison du coronavirus, nous sommes heureux d'annoncer les dates prévues pour les WheelWOD Games 2021 ainsi que le processus de qualification.

Dates des WheelWOD Games  2021 : Novembre 2021

Format des WheelWOD Games 2021 :

La compétition se fera en deux étapes. Les 10 premiers athlètes de chaque division, ainsi que les athlètes qualifiés pour le WheelWOD 2020, participeront à la première étape virtuelle, qui se déroulera dans les box des athlètes sous présentation d’une vidéo. Dans un deuxième temps, les cinq meilleurs athlètes (cinq hommes et cinq femmes) de chaque division seront qualifiés pour la deuxième étape et la compétition en personne qui aura lieu en novembre 2021.

Informations sur les qualifications :

Les athlètes peuvent se qualifier pour les WheelWOD Games 2021 via les qualifications 2020 ou l'Open des CrossFit Games 2021.

Les qualifications pour les WheelWOD Games 2021 débuteront en novembre 2020. L'inscription et la participation aux entraînements suivants sont indispensables pour accéder aux WheelWOD Games de 2021:

Semaine 1 : 30 novembre - 6 décembre 2020 ; 2 séances d'entraînement

Semaine 2 : 7 décembre - 13 décembre 2020 ; 2 séances d'entraînement

Semaine 3 : 14 décembre - 20 décembre 2020 ; 2 séances d'entraînement

*Les athlètes qui se sont qualifiés pour les WheelWOD Games 2020 pourront se qualifier automatiquement pour les WheelWOD Games 2021. Il devront s'inscrire et participer à tous les entraînements des qualifications WheelWOD 2021 ou à l’Open des CrossFit Games 2021. Le classement aux qualifications ou à l’Open n'a pas d'importance, mais la réalisation des qualifications est nécessaire pour conserver l’option d’accès à la première étape des WheelWOD Games de 2021.


Die 2020 WheelWOD Games wurden in diesem Jahr auf Grund der aktuellen Pandemie-Situation abgesagt. Wir freuen uns jedoch nun, die voraussichtlichen Daten sowie den Qualifikationsprozess der 2021 WheelWOD Games bekannt zu geben.

2021 WheelWOD Games Datum: November 2021

2021 WheelWOD Games Format

Die WheelWOD Games finden in zwei Etappen statt. Die Top 10 Athleten jeder Kategorie sowie die 2020 WheelWOD-qualifizierten Athleten werden in der Stufe 1 antreten, die in der jeweiligen Trainingsstätte der Athleten per Videoeinreichung durchgeführt wird.

Die resultierenden Top 5 Teilnehmer (fünf Männer und fünf Frauen) aus jeder Kategorie erhalten jeweils einen Platz in der Stufe 2, die im November 2021 als Wettbewerb mit persönlicher Teilnahme ausgetragen wird.

Informationen zur Qualifikation

Die Athleten können sich durch die 2020 WheelWOD Games Qualifikation oder auch durch die 2021 CrossFit Games Open für die 2021 WheelWOD Games qualifizieren.

Die Qualifikationsphase der 2021 WheelWOD Games wird im November 2020 beginnen. Die Anmeldung und der Abschluss der Qualifikationsphase ist erforderlich für eine mögliche Teilnahme an den 2021 WheelWOD Games.

Woche 1: 30. November – 06. Dezember, 2020; 2 Workouts

Woche 2: 07. Dezember – 13. Dezember, 2020; 2 Workouts

Woche 3: 14. Dezember – 20. Dezember, 2020; 2 Workouts

*Athleten, die sich bereits für die 2020 WheelWOD Games qualifiziert haben, können sich automatisch für die 2021 WheelWOD Games qualifizieren. Dazu müssen sich die Athleten registrieren und jedes Workout der 2021 WheelWOD Qualifikation oder der 2021 CrossFit Open absolvieren. Die Platzierung spielt dabei keine Rolle, aber der Abschluss der Qualifikationsphase ist erforderlich, um das Angebot, an der Stufe 1 der WheelWOD-Spiele 2021 teilzunehmen, aufrechtzuerhalten.


Los WheelWOD Games de 2020 tuvieron que ser cancelados. Pero para compensar a los atletas que se clasificaron en 2020, hemos garantizado su plaza en la fase1 de los WheelWOD Games 2021 con la condición de que el/la atleta se registre y complete todos los WODs del clasificatorio que empezará el 30 de noviembre.

Los 10 primeros atletas de cada una de las divisiones clasificarán para la Fase 1 de los Games que se llevará a cabo en agosto de 2021. Todas las plazas se volverán a ocupar si los atletas previamente clasificados terminan en esos 10 primeros lugares. Esto significa que habrá aproximadamente 180 atletas en la Fase 1 (20 en cada división).

La primera etapa será una competición online donde los 5 primeros clasificados de cada división conseguirán una plaza en una competición presencial (Fase 2) en noviembre de 2021. Esta competición se llevará a cabo en los EE. UU. y competirán un total de 80 atletas.

Hemos tenido que retrasar las fechas y reducir el número total de atletas de la fase presencial debido a las restricciones de movilidad y de aforo causadas por la pandemia del COVID 19. Habrá premios en metálico para los primeros clasificados de los WheelWOD Games de 2021, así como el título del atleta adaptive más en forma del mundo de su respectiva división..

 En 2021 tendremos la mejor versión  y con mayor alcance de los Games desde su creación en 2014.