Event description

Join us for our Outside the Box Premier Fitness Competition.  This will be held off site at an incredible Ranch venue only five minutes from our gym in beautiful horse country, Aubrey, TX.  This Competition will start in the early afternoon and finish off into the evening. 

This event will be teams of 4 (MM/FF) with the following division options:Scaled
Masters (40+) (the average age of the team of 4 must be 40+)

There will 6 scored events.

Division Standards:

RX: HS Walks, Run, Thrusters(95/65), DB Snatch (50/35), bike, burpees
Scaled: Weighted Walking Lunges , Run, Thrusters (65/45), DB Snatch (40/25), bike, burpees
Masters (40+): Weighted Walking Lunges, Run, Thrusters (65/45), DB Snatch (40/25), bike, burpees


Stay tuned for more information such as WODs, Vendors, sponsors, Prizes, etc.