Event description

Due to all the events of 2020, the annual Girls Games are now VIRTUAL! Because of this, we have made a few changes. Best of all, the price is now lower for your team to participate!

The virtual competition will consist of a WOD that will be released on Thursday of each week. Teams will be required to submit their official scores INCLUDING VIDEO by the following Tuesday. 

WOD #1 - released on Tuesday, Oct 27th at 8am (submit by Tuesday, Nov 3rd)

WOD #2 - released on Tuesday, Nov 3rd at 8am (submit by Tuesday, Nov 10th)

WOD #3 - released on Tuesday, Nov 10th at 8am (submit by Tuesday, Nov 17th)

The teams that rank highest after the 3 weeks of virtual competition will compete in a finals round in person at CFD on Saturday, November 21st. (This event will be limited to the qualifying athletes and the crew members due to COVID restrictions).

This event will now be teams of 2 with RX and Scaled divisions.

Price: $125/team


  • Ring Rows / Jumping Pull-Ups (one person with pull-ups)
  • Knees to Chest (open standards)
  • Single Unders
  • 10ft Wall Balls 14#
  • Clean and Jerk 65#
  • Snatch 55#
  • Dead Lift 95#
  • Box Jump or Step Up 20”
  • Run/Row/Bike


  • HSPU
  • Bar and Ring Muscle-ups
  • Pull-Ups and CTB
  • Toes to bar
  • Double Unders
  • 10ft Wall Balls 14#
  • Snatch (power or full squat) 75#
  • Clean and Jerk 95#
  • Dead Lift 155#
  • Box Jump 20"
  • Run/Row/Bike