Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

What is it?

- Charity fitness competition for the organization Face to Face.

- (1) Male + (1) Female, Co-ed Team Competition.

- 100% of proceeds go to the organization.


Competition Flow

"Waterfall Style"

- 10min workouts/5min rest (Transition Time)


Division Standards


Toes to Bar

Box Jumps 

Bar Muscle Ups = (Only 1 person needs to be able to do this)

Deadlift = 365lbs for men, 225lbs for women

DB Squats = 1 X 50lbs for men, 1 x 50lbs for women



Toes to Shoulder

Pull Ups

Deadlift = 225lbs for men, 155lbs for women

DB Squats = 1 x 35lbs for men, 1 x 25lbs for women


We will provide proper precatuions regarding Covid 19 in terms of cleaning equipment and facility between heats, social distancing, and protective wear for our judges and volunteers!