The 2020 Rock Games

Virtual Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

This is a VERY special year for the 4th Annual Rock Games! We will be going completely virtual and be hosting an online individual AND team competition! No doubt this will be the largest Rock Games we've ever had.

Just like last year we will be giving out some amazing prizes to the winners of each category and also have a special "Spirit" award which will be given to the person who shows the most online support through social media channels and tagging @islanderathletics and

Do not be intimidated by the competition setting! We highly encourage new athlete's to get involved too. This is a great way to get involved in the community and to benchmark your fitness for future comparison.



  • Open to all athletes, anywhere!
  • Registration - $37.50 CAD PER PERSON or $75 CAD PER TEAM.
  • Registration fees goes towards athlete shirts and prizes. 
  • 5 Events across 10 Days.
  • 3 workouts will be announced on November 4th. The remaining 2 workouts will be announced during the event.
  • Starting: November 6th at 6:00am.
  • Finishing: November 16th at 11:59pm.
  • Video and score submissions will be required for all athletes.
  • Teammate substitutions can be made up until November 6th at 6am.
  • Registrations after October 10th will not be guaranteed an athlete shirt prior to competition start date.


  • ***NEW*** Individuals! Men's Rx & Scaled and Womens Rx'd and Scaled.
  • Teams of 2 and must consist of two women or men competing in RX'd or Scaled division.
  • Teams of 2 Mixed. Must consist of one woman and one man competing in RX'd or Scaled divisions.
  • Teams can consist of members in different geographical areas (workouts will allow for this).
  • This is an inclusive event and anyone wishing to participate can register within a division they would prefer to identify with.
  • RX'd division events may include: double unders, handstand pushups, chest to bar, pistol squats etc.
  • Scaled division events will include typical scaling options that are provided during the open.
  • If any team requires further scaling or movement substitution (in either RX'd or scaled) they are still eligible to compete in that division but must take a last place finish for that event.

If you were lucky to participate last year you know how much fun this competition was! This is a huge community builder and a great way to connect with each other during this time.

Sponsorship requests can be made to

** Refund Policy ** Due to prizes and apparel order being based off registrations, we cannot provide refunds.