Event description

The Koda Foundation would like to announce the Zach Lucas Challenge. This is an effort to help our friend, coach, and athlete, Zach Lucas. A regular on the competition circuit, Zach is a Firefighter in the Village and a Trainer at CrossFit OKC. Just celebrating a four year wedding anniversary with his wife, Megan, together they share two young boys, Woodrow and Wilder.

Zach was initially diagnosed with Stage 3 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Through multiple tests, biopsies, and a surgery to remove a lobe of his lung, it has now been confirmed that the mass in his lung was a metastasis of Stage 4 Testicular Cancer. Since being diagnosed, Zach has undergone another surgery to remove all of the cancer and will now need to complete three rounds of chemotherapy.

The Zach Lucas Challenge will take place on October 2nd and 3rd . We are asking each gym to come together to help raise money for this fighter and friend. It will be a great way to involve all members of your gym and you can create a weekend event to bring everyone together. The event will take place in your home gym, can be completed on either day, and your scores will be entered into Competition Corner once completed. There are TWO different ways you will be able to participate (please see option 1 and option 2 below).

Thank you in advance for your support, and thank you to the Koda Foundation for supporting our CrossFit community.

Let’s see who is the most well-rounded!

There are three different tests to complete. Athletes can complete all three in any order:

  • 1 RM Back Squat
  • 1 Mile Run for Time
  • 1 Set Max Rep Unbroken Pull-Ups (Scaled:  Max Rep Jumping Pull-Ups in one minute)


Take as much time and as many attempts as you need.

Squat must hit full depth and reach full control at the top of the squat. Let’s move some weight!


Mark out a mile at your gym and go for it.


Strict, Kipping, Butterfly are all options. Chin must go over the bar and arms must reach full

extension at the bottom of the rep. Hang on!


Participate alone. Register on Competition Corner for $20. Complete the three tests and turn in your scores. All events will be completed in one day.


Gyms will create their best team of 3 Men and 3 Women who will represent their community. These six athletes will have one day to complete their Max Back Squat, Mile Run and Unbroken set of Pull-Ups. They will add up their totals for each workout for their team scores. This division will also raise money by getting pledges from

sponsors for pounds, time, or reps. For instance, if someone pledges $1 per pull-up for a specific athlete and that athlete completes 50 pull-ups, they will raise $50!