Event description

Pyromania quarantine edition, Saturday September 19th, 9am to 4pm. 40$ per athlete +tx

The Covid-19 destroyed all our plans for 2020 but it won't stop us. Pyromania V was planned as a team of 4 event the weekend of July 24th. We then moved it to September 18th but unfortunately, the restrictions and the pandemic guidelines didn't allow us to run a team event at this time. Look for Pyromania V in the summer of 2021. This is why we did a quick turn around and put together Pyromania quarantine edition. This individuals only, one day event will satisfy athletes from all skill levels. Classes are great and all but it's important to do event like this to break the mold, get out of our comfort zone and become better. "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you". We'll have a full competition corner live leaderboard, 2 divisions, Fitness (scaled) and Firebreathers (Rx), athlete apparels (tshirt and tank tops). We have to limit how many participants due to the pandemic restrictions and to make sure we run a fun and safe event for everyone. We'll have a total of 32 athletes, 8 female/male (16) scaled and 8 female/male Rx (16). This will allow us 8 per heats and maintain social distancing. 

Workouts are for everyone, regardless of your fitness and skill level. Refer to the Open for choosing a division. That said, we're not going to throw 7 ring muscle ups at the start of a workout in Rx for example. We want everyone to have good workouts and challenge themselves. In classic CrossFit fashion, we won't be sharing the workouts in advance. "Be ready for the unknown and the unknowable". Knowing the workouts in advance allows athletes to prep ahead of competition and test workouts, this is not what CrossFit is about. Good unbias programming should prepare athletes for everything. That said, we will provide some information as we get closer to the event so you get a rough idea of what to expect.

Our goal is to bring people together, have fun and provide a good fitness test for everyone. The fittest of each divisions will be crowned Champions of Pyromania.

We will do our best to get the apparels ahead of the competition but since we're running registrations up to the day before, we need to place the order a week ahead. If you want your apparel for the event, sign up before September 12th. For those registering after, you will get your apparel most likely just after the event.

Looking forward to see you all there.