Event description

We are officially doing The Apollo Games! With these crazy times it was difficult to create a format that was fun and safe. We feel confident that this year's Apollo Games will be one of the most unique and exciting Games we've ever had.

We have taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and athletes without sacrificing the integrity of crowning this year’s fittest male and female in Las Vegas.

This year's Apollo Games is an individual competition of RX & Scaled Men's and Women's divisions.

Saturday, October 17th will consist of 5 scored events. The top 5 from each division will be invited to compete in the final event on Sunday, October 18th, to determine our champions.

Here are the fun, weird, exciting, and unique parts.

·         Athletes will complete all Saturday events within a designated 90-minute window. We will run 2 groups of 10 athletes through all 5 events. We will then have a 40-minute transition period before starting our next 2 groups.

·         Athletes can only be at Apollo during their scheduled time and then must exit to make way for the next group.

·         No Spectators.

·         The entire event will be live streamed.

At first glance we were a little weary to make these changes but now love them for 2 reasons:

1.       It's the only way we can responsibly run the event while following state guidelines.

2.       This competition won't take up YOUR ENTIRE DAY!

So, who is with us?! There are only 100 spots open. You must be a current member of a Las Vegas CrossFit gym to participate.

We have a strict no refund policy this year. If you would like to have someone replace you we can update that in our system but payment must be handled between the athletes. Shirt sizes cannot be changed for subsitute athletes. 

If you are debating RX vs Scaled then click the tab for workouts to see the details for each one.