Event description

This is the first edition of Prepared Classic! A one-day fitness event held in Västerås, Sweden. The event will provide a platform for Prepared athletes to compete against each other. This year we are starting small, with just 28 athletes total an no online qualifer process. Spaces will be filled on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis and this year the competition will only be accessible to Prepared athletes

After the 28 participating athletes are confrimed we will do an onine ranking event that will decide your heat for the first 3 events (minimum) of the competition day. More details on this will be communicated to you after registration.

The competition will include 5 workouts (this may change) over 1 day with an expected start time of 9:00 and expected finish time of 18:30. The level of the events will reflect our RX to GX scale on the Prepared Program with the earlier events in the day being more 'inclusive' and the later events increaing in skill, load and difficulty. There will be no cuts at any stage of the event. 

There will be prizes awarded for the top 3 athletes in each division (there will be no cash prizes) as well as a 'Spirit of the Event' award. 

The event will be run in a way that complies with regulations related to COVID-19.