Tough As Nails

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

2020 Tough As Nails Online Comp

Divisions:  RX / Intermediate / Scaled / Masters (40+)

**stay tuned for WOD releases  

Teams of 2:  M/M, M/F, F/F

3 weeks - 6 Hero WODs.  These workouts are designed and named after kids who are currently or previously went through treatment for some form of Childhood Cancer. Click their name to read a little about their journey.

2 WODS released per week

2020 Heroes:

In order to participate each athlete will donate an item(s) from the designated Wish List. (See below) Or may donate $$.

*Competitors outside of Lubbock can utilize the Amazon Smile or Contact Kellie Hill for other options

Be Tough As Nails is a Charity on Amazon Smile that you can help support with qualifying purchases or purchase items in our wish lists. to find out more or contact Kellie Hill.


  • Have fun!
  • Remember why! #competingforacause
  • Compete with integrity
  • Submit scores on-time
  • Teams must have a judge

**Please ensure judges have an understanding of movement standards and are capable of holding you accountable to them. 

*Divisions: RX, Intermediate, Scaled, Masters Rx, Masters Intermediate, Masters Scaled. (Masters will be age 40+)

*Movements to help you choose a division: 

  • Movements: (M/F) in the same order as the division above
    -DL (315/225, 185/115, 115/70, 300/210, 170/100, 115/70)
    -HPC (135/95, 95/65, 65/35, 125/85, 85/55, 65/35)
    -DB Snatch (50/35, 35/20, 35/20, 50/35, 35/20, 35/20)
    -Thrusters (135/95, 95/65, 65/35, 125/85, 85/55, 65/35)
    -Wall Ball - weights and heights will vary
    -BMU / Pull-ups / Jumping pull-ups
    -Double Unders for both RX divisions
    -Single unders for Intermediate and scaled
    -Box Jump overs 24/20 RX, Intermediate and Scaled can step up and over
    -Handstand walk for RX, Bear crawl for Intermediate and Scaled

WISH LIST (Items needed most)

  • Playdoh and materials
  • Legos (boy and girl, all ages)
  • Card Games
  • Activity books (Sudoku, crosswords, word search, etc)
  • iSpy books or Seek and Find books
  • Light up infant/toddler toys
  • Vtech and Fisher-Price toys
  • Canvas boards (all sizes)
  • Craft activity sets (boy and girl, all ages)
  • Headphones, earbuds
  • Teen board games
  • Gift Cards to your favorite kid-friendly local restaurants 

**Items must be NEW 

A more detailed Wish List can be found Here

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