The Bacon Beatdown - 2021

Event description

The Bacon Beatdown is a massive functional fitness competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Individuals and Teams of Three (same-sex)

Beginners and Kids compete on Friday.

Intermediates, Teens, Masters, Grandmasters, Rx, and Elites compete on Saturday AND Sunday, including a beach workout on Sunday morning.

The most current information and news: @thebaconbeatdown on Instagram or Facebook

Old wods, standards, etc --


  • No Refunds (we aren't jerks though, if something happens, let us know) -- After May 1st, we will be much less lenient, as we'll start spending money on each registered athlete.
  • Teammate subs/changes are allowed up to the day of competition.
  • Workouts are released every Friday the 6 weeks leading up to the event.

Covid Stuff:

Cancellation Refund: If the event cancels due to Covid (extremely unlikely), we will refund approximately 95% of your entry. The 5% is the credit card fee and CompCorner's fee, which are nonrefundable upon purchase (meaning we don't even have that money to give it back).

Covid Safety/Restrictions: As we write this on 2/19/2021, we do not know what, if any, the restrictions will be at the event. The hope is that they will be minimal by then, but we don't know. If you are very anti-mask, we would recommend holding off on your registration until further information comes to light. We will not refund you fully near the event if you don't want to comply with the safety restrictions (if there are any). We will update as soon as we know more @thebaconbeatdown on Facebook or Instagram.