Australian Functional Fitness Federation National Final - Online

Event description

The Australian Functional Fitness Federation National Final is the Australian qualifying event for the International Functional Fitness Federation
Continental Cup

The following participants will qualify to represent Australia/Africa/Asia in the iF3 Continental Cup
INDIVIDUAL – Top 3 male & female
TEAMS – 1st place only

For the 2020 season, top 2 individual male and female athletes from the 2020 Online National Final will qualify directly into the 2021 iF3 World Championships held in QLD, Australia!!

Top 2 male and female youth athletes in each age division from the 2020 Online National Final will also qualify directly into the 2021 iF3 World Championships held in QLD, Australia!! 
This is a really huge and exciting opportunity for our Australian youths!


Date: October 1st - 10th 

Tests released:
Oct 1st - 11am AEST

Score submission date:
YOUTH: Oct 10th @ 10am AEST
INDIVIDUAL & TEAMS: Oct 21st @ 10am AEST 


(Individual and teams)

The Continental Cup will feature the same individual and team athletes that would have attended the 2020 World Championships and will feature a preliminary and final round of competition held on subsequent weekends in December. 
In the preliminary round of competition, athletes will compete against other athletes from their continent during a 2 hour live but virtual competition featuring 6 tests.
Athletes will participate in the competition from their own gyms, but be logged into an online streaming platform during their designated timeslot in order to see their competitors and take them on head to head.

The top three athletes and teams from each continental preliminary session will move on to the final round of competition which will take place the following weekend. The format of the final round will mimic the preliminary round, but with 6 new tests. The final will be “new life” meaning all scores will reset going into the final. Additional details about the Continental Cup will be released in the coming months

Individual Intercontinental Champions (aka the first place individual male and individual female winner) will earn a spot to the 2021 iF3 World Championships held here in QLD, Australia!

All participants must be a member of the AFFF.  
Become a member HERE


The Junior World Cup will be open to any athlete in the age groups 13-14, 15-16 or 17-18 as of December 31, 2020
It features an initial online qualifier stage in September and a live but virtual final in November.

The online qualifier will feature 4 tests to be completed in just over 4 weeks
 This initial online qualifier phase is not live, and athletes can complete the tests at their leisure.

Tests will be released September 2nd for us in Australia
Score submission due October 1st

The top 5 athletes from the qualifier phase in each age and gender division will then be invited to participate in a live final in November which will also include 4 tests. 

November 2020 - Virtual via Zoom

All 4 tests in the live final will be completed in roughly an hour to an hour and a half block of time.

Athletes who are not members of one of the iF3’s National Federations are ineligible to participate in the live final should they qualify. 
Participants can become a member HERE

For full details on the Youth World Cup or to register, please click HERE


(formally known as ASADA)

'Protecting Sport Together'

The AFFF is actively working with SIA to keep a clean and safe sport for all. 
All athletes participating in an AFFF event are bound by the rules within the Australian Functional Fitness Federation Anti-Doping Policy

Australian Functional Fitness Federation Anti-Doping Policy