Event description

This is A 7 week CrossFit league. 12 teams will participate, the teams will be divided into 2 groups, 6 per team. These 2 teams will battle eachother over a 5 week period. Each week 4 players per team will be allowed to play (MMFF). All teams can include 6 players (MMMFFF) but come game day (sunday) only 4 will play, a teamlist each week will have to be issued prior to the game. These players cannot be substituted during the game. Once team list is in there can not be any changes. Top 2 teams in each group will mov on to the semi finals. 1st playing 2nd in each respective groups. The winner during the semis move on to the Final week and day of Games. 

Policy: Once the League start we will not be able to change participants or add to participants for any reason. 

You may choose to be a team of 4 but must compete during all games in this case. No last minute teammates may be added to the teamlist.

Each week the WOD will be announced at 11pm. you have until the sunday morning to choose your players.

you will be issued a given timeslot each week this will change weekly. 

You are expected to arrive atleast 40 minutes before. Warm up will start 20 minutes before your workout in a given warm up area. 

Each team must assign a captain.

A judge will be assigned to each team, each week. This will be assigned by event organisers. If you choose to disrespect judge, we will immediately disqualify you from the competition. 

Are you ready for The Savage League!?