Event description

Website: www.fitnesscomps.net
Instagram: @fitnesscomps
Facebook: FitnessComps

FitnessComps provides a global platform for functional fitness athletes to compete online for practical prizes like fitness equipment, apparel, recovery tools, CASH and more!

We pride ourselves on excellent programming, which encompass all of the elements of fitness, tested across broad time domains.


The competiton will begin October 8th, 2020.

Workout 1:
Announced October 8th - Video submission due October 12th

Workout 2:
Announced October 12th - Video submission due October 16th

Workout 3:
Announced October 16th - Video submission due October 20th

Workout 4:
Announced October 20th - Video submission due October 25th

The competition will end October 25th.

Equipment required: A barbell and a variety of weights, pullup bar, standard 20/24/30inch Box, jump rope, and a wallball.



Click here for athlete & gym prizes

Rx division:
Cash prize pool of over $1000!

Workout #3 Winner's Prize: SandBar Callus Files
Lucky Draw Prize#1: Sidekick tool "Curve"
Lucky Draw Prize#2: Fat Gripz

Scaled Division:
Lucky Draw Prize #1: Bear Komplex 3 hole grips
Lucky Draw Prize #2: FatGripz
Lucky Draw Prize #3: HYLETE Apparel
Lucky Draw Prize #4: HYLETE Apparel

Gym Prizes:
Win a Concept 2 Rower!

The gym that has the most member sign-ups will win a rower! 
**Be sure athletes all input the exact same name under (box/gym) when registering**


FitnessComps has partnered with TransferWise: a safe and reliable platform for international money transfers. This will give athletes the ability to receive their cash prizes in 50+ different currencies!
All prizes and registration fees use Canadian dollar rates.



Rx Standards 

Deadlift 225lb/155lb
Clean 185lb/115lb
Snatch 135lb/85lb
Thruster 95lb/65lb
Dumbbells 50lb/35lb
Wallballs 20lb/14lb
Toes to bar
Pull-ups/Chest to bar/muscleups 

Scaled Standards 

Deadlift 135lb/95lb
Clean 115lb/75lb
Snatch 95lb/65lb
Thruster 65lb/45lb
Dumbbells 35lb/20lb
Wallballs 14lb/10lb
Hand release push-ups
Ab Mat sit-ups

The standards specified above are for reps, not a 1-rep max.



FitnessComps has partnered with WODProof to provide all of our athletes with the Official Time Stamped FAIR Competition Timer! 

  • Download WODProof App.
  • Click Camera button
  • Click Qualifiers
  • Select your Event (Fall Frenzy logo)
  • Choose Workout
  • Click Start Workout

Shoot the video from an angle so our judges can confirm all exercises are clearly meeting the movement standards. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to visible distortion.  Athletes must video weights and equipment prior to starting workouts.

Athletes must upload a video of their performace in each workout if they want to be eligible for a cash prize or any additional prizes from our sponsors. Score validation for any online video submission is the sole right of FitnessComps.


No refunds or substitutions.


If you have any other questions you can email us at fitnesscompsco@gmail.com or send a direct message to us on instagram @fitnesscomps