Constant Competitor Presents: Power + Oly Super Total

Event description

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Individual Price to compete: $10

Update: Late Registration increases to $15 (on Dec 2)

Start Date: December 2nd at 5pm PST

End Date: December 16th at 5pm PST

No Refunds. No Substitutions

*Please note: Not all countries are easily rewarded if a prize is earned. If you happen to earn a prize and you are from such a country: we may be unable to issue a prize. Only under this circumstance will your entry fee be refunded. Otherwise all efforts will be made to reward prizes to any and all competitors that earn them.*


The Lifts

1 Rep Max:

Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk, and Snatch.

Competitors will have two weeks to complete and submit scores for all 5 lifts. (December 2 through December 16)

A competitors bodyweight must be recorded during the submission of their Deadlift, and can be taken prior to or after the completion of the lift. Competitors bodyweight will be used to calculate Ranked Score (see Scoring below).

Leaderboards will be the total of each competitors combined lifts.

Please note: All 5 lifts are to be completed within the 2 week period between December 2 and December 16. All 5 lifts will each require video submissions and a different code word that is to be spoken by the lifter either immediately before or after completing the lift.

Code words will be announced when the competition begins, and will be found on the workout description of each individual lift.

Video submissions will be able to be viewed by other competitors via the leaderboard.



Super Total Prize: The heaviest Men's and heaviest Women's Super Total on each leaderboard will earn a $50 E-Gift Card

Rank Score Prize: After submissions close the Super Totals will be calculated against their lifters respective bodyweight (see Scoring below for details on this calculation).

The results of the calculation will give each lifter a Rank Score, which will be awarded as described on this table:

As the table indicates: prize amounts increase as the number of people competing in a division increases. If the amount of people in a division surpasses 100 competitors the prizes will continue to increase in a similar pattern.

If a person who has the highest combined Super Total also earns a Rank Score prize, they will be awarded both prizes


Prizes are awarded to the top competitors who submit all five scores with required video proof in each division across all events at the end of the competition. Prizes are awarded in the form of E-Gift Card.

Winners will be announced on social media as well as contacted via Email at the conclusion of competition after all scoring is complete.



There will be Men's and Women's leaderboards with no separate weight divisions.

Once score submissions close there will be two groupings of winners/prizes:

  • The heaviest Super Total of the top Male and top Female will earn a prize with no regard to competitors bodyweight

  • After score submissions close, all Super Total scores will then be calculated against their respective competitors bodyweight to determine their Rank Score.
    • Super Total ÷ Bodyweight = Score
      • Examples:
      • 1000 lb Total ÷ 200 lb Bodyweight = 5.00
      • 990 lb Total ÷ 210 lb Bodyweight = 4.71
      • 1010 lb Total ÷ 235 lb Bodyweight = 4.29
      • 1000 lb Total ÷ 180 lb Bodyweight = 5.55
      • 800 lb Total ÷ 175 lb Bodyweight = 4.57
        • The highest scores after these calculations will earn the rank-based prizes up to 5th place (see prizes above for details)
    • Ranking in this system will be based on scores to the hundreth decimal place as seen in the examples above. If a tie occurs then calculations will be extended to the thousandth decimal place, and so on, until all Rank Based Prizes are determined. In the event of a tie for a prize where multiple lifters each have the same Super Total and Bodyweight the competitor with the heaviest combined Snatch and Clean & Jerk will win the tie break.
  • If a competitor fails to record their bodyweight when required they will not be eligible for the Rank Based prize

Judgement of scoring is up to the discretion of Constant Competitor. Please ensure you read the rules and instructions of each workout and follow all movement standards to help avoid penalties or rejection of a score.


Rules and Policies:

All score submissions will require a Code Word that will be required to be spoken by the competitor performing their lift either immediately before or after completing the lift.

Score Submissions will open on Wednesday, December 2nd at 5pm PST and all scores submissions close on Wednesday, December 16th at 5pm PST.

Video Submissions are required with all score submissions.

Video Submissions must be public links to either YouTube or Vimeo uploads or the video and score are subject to rejection.

Video Submissions that do not meet submission standards listed in workout announcements are subject to score penalties or rejection.

All weights and measurements must clearly be viewed on all video submissions or a percentage based penalty OR rejection of score will be determined.


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