The (Virtual) Summit Games 2020

Event description

Welcome to this year's Summit Games, in a virtual format!

Unfortunately, we are not able to host this year's games in Killarney but that isn't stopping us from having a little friendly competition.

Here is the breakdown of the event:

The Summit Games will be run as both an Indy and Team competition so you will need to compete as either an individual or form a team of any 4 athletes.

The Summit Games will run from 9am December 12th until 5pm December 12th. All workouts must be recorded in line with the event policy and some will be live streamed on our competition channel. All scores must be submitted by 5PM on October 24th to be counted. 

WODs will be released 2 hours before the event start time. I.e: 9am will be released at 7am, you have 1 hour to complete the WOD in your home box or home gym and a further hour to submit your score.

We encourage Irish affiliates and boxes to take part as a bit of fun and a community-building event in these hard times. 

Your entry fees will go towards supporting Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland (

Release times for both Team and Indy WODs:

(All December 12th)

WOD 1 - 7am

WOD 2 - 10am

WOD 3 - 12noon

WOD 4 - 2pm

Each WOD will be done individually or in teams where each athlete MUST have their own equipment and strictly comply with social distancing regulations (#socialdistancing). Teams: You will need to assign a Team Captain to complete registration and submit all 4 scores. 

Divisions are Open for registration, after WOD1 all individuals and teams are seeded into divisions (Elite, Intermediate, Scaled) where the remaining 3 workouts will be appropriate to that level.

top 10 in the open would be Elite
11 - 25 to Intermediate
26 - xx to Scaled.

If you do not have a team of 4 and still wish to participate, please email and we will do our best to find a team for you.