Event description

3 Team Workouts
3 Person All Female Teams
2 Divisions
1 Day Event
Compete for a Cure

Event Timeline

First event begins at 9am EST

Released at 8:50 with a live broadcast on YouTube.

Scores must be submitted by 11am along with Videos.  All Teams are required to post videos along with their scores.

Event 1 scores due by 11am EST

Event 2 begins at 11am EST

Event 2 released at 10:50am EST

Event 2 scores due by 1pm EST

Event 3  begins at 1pm EST

Event 3 released at 12:50am EST

Event 3 scores due by 3pm EST

Absolute final deadline for video’s 3:30pm EST

Just like all of our events, fundraising is what we are all about, Compete for a Cure!
8% of your overall score is donations. Set up your team fundraising page here


How it Works

Teams of 3

Teammates can work be in the same physical location or virtual locations.  We do not recommend sharing equipment, but it is not required to have your own individual equipment.  

A clock must be present in all video’s 

When possible, a judge should be present.  We understand that not all locations can have judges, so again, they are not required, but recommended to insure standards are being kept.  

If competing in the same location, you can share the video. 

If competing virtually, zoom is a great tool.  Video the workout through zoom, and make sure there is a clock in one person’s screen that is easy to see.

One athlete per team submits the score and video.

Late scores will not be accepted. If a score is not submitted by the submission time, then that team will be scored zero for that event.  They may continue through the competition. Should there be a technical issue, scores must be posted by the time of submission.  A video can be posted later, but for the score to be considered in the final standings, regardless of placing, a video must be attached to it. All Video’s must be posted by 3:30pm EST

Once the videos of top teams have been reviewed, then the leaderboard will be finalized.  Videos will be reviewed and scores adjusted if needed.  Score adjustments are final and are not open for appeal.  An explanation will be given for adjustments.


Equipment needed

barbell with plates up to Rx: 155lbs BAM: 105lbs
Dumbbells 2 at Rx: 35lbs BAM: 20lbs
Concept 2 Rower
Jump Rope
Pull up bar


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