Event description

Hello Padawans! We are here to put your training and teamwork to the test with an online team competition from October 12th to October 18th. We are working to benefit a great cause: Big Brothers and Big Sisters (BBBS). Just here in Norman, Oklahoma community, they are currently mentoring almost 200 kids and there are still 72 Littles waiting to find their Bigs. All proceeds from the competition will go to this great organization. As with BBBS, we will be teaming up  youths from 5 to 17 with adults from 18+. You can team up with whomever you want, so padawans go find a parental unit or the biggest beast in your gym. 

Here is what you need to know: 

Cost: $40 per team (This is non-refundable)

Kids age groups: (Adult’s age is irrelevant)





Movements: (more details will be forthcoming on our FB page)

Single Under/Double Under Jump Ropes 

Toes through Rings/Toes to Bar

Jumping Pull Ups/Jumping Chest to Bar/Pull Ups 

Bar Hang

DB Snatches 

DB Thrusters 


All movements will be scalable so everyone will be able to participate. 

Submissions: The submission window will open at 8pm CT on Tuesday, October 12th. The submission window will close at 8pm CT on Sunday, October 18th. You can complete the workouts and submit the scores at any time and in any order between those dates. **PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO PLACE AND WIN PRIZES YOU MUST SUBMIT VIDEOS OF YOUR TEAM WORKOUTS**