2020 Veterans Day Bash

Event description

The 2020 Veterans Day Bash will be a two day functional fitness competition hosted by CrossFit Wild West in Lubbock, TX. This year we will using a pairs format of either Male/Male or Female/Female teams. Athletes will then compete against one another across several scored events to find the fittest pair in the RX and Scaled categories!


What to Bring:

any necessary equipment to compete (belts/wraps/shoes etc.) 

Provide your own chalk if desired, please refrain from use of anything other than chalk or gymnastics grips if their are any  movements that these are needed. 

a pop up tent/awning for our athlete village if desired. You will need to be outside unless you are competing the workout that is scheduled so plan accordingly! (we will have some set up for our warm up/sign in area) 

Please no pets; each person competing can bring 1 spectator to the event. We will provide teams with wristbands that they can give to their spectator. 

If an athelte needs to be subsitituted for someone else, you can make changes to your team roster until October 26th.  Any changes made after that point will need to be discussed with our event directors and it will be at their discretion to allow or disallow any changes.