WAL Deuces Wild - 2-person Team Functional Fitness Competition

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

DEUCES WILD 2-person (MM or FF) Functional Fitness/ CF Team Competition

When: Saturday, April 29th. 9 AM - 2:30 PM

Where: Chino 13781 Roswell Ave #E (building #8), Chino  CA 91710

Condor Outdoor presents DEUCES WILD is a 2-person, same gender (2 Men or 2 Women), functional fitness team competition across 5 divisions, for athletes of all skill levels.  This year will be unique in which teams will perform workouts which require a tactical weight vest.  Team fee will include (2) Condor Outdoor Tactical Weight Vests (plates not included), to be worn during the competition ($125 value). WAL will provide plates during competition for  all events and divisions.

Whether your are new to CF, or a veteran ter, this event is for YOU!  Don't miss your chance to compete in this Epic team event!  Grab your BFF or beastie and build your power team. Register early, this event will sell out fast.


$99.99/ person + tax and fees per person before April 1st

$110/ person + tax and fees per person after 4/1 until sold out

5 DIVISIONS:  Men's Advanced/Rx, Intermediate, Women's Advanced/Rx, Intermediate, FUN


One person registers and pays for the team (team captain). Have team members' names, emails, shirt sizes, birthdates, etc. available when registering.

Don't know which division to sign up for? No problem. Changes can be made online any time prior to March 31, 2017. Questions? Contact info@warrioraffiliateleague.com

3 Division. Prizes awarded Top 3 finishers in each division except FUN. Spectators FREE.

WORKOUT details came be found at  www.WarriorAffiliateLeague.com

Event 1: Rescuing CINDY, Part I

Complete as many round as possible in 10 minutes:

5 Pull ups / 10 push ups/ 15 air squats (with weight vest Rx 20#/14#, 14#/10#, FUN 7#)

Rx - Chest to Bar pull ups / INT - Chin-over bar pull ups / FUN - Chino-over bar jumping pull ups 

Event 2: Rescuing CINDY, Part II

2000m row for time (with weight vest Rx 20#/14#, INT 14#/10#, FUN 7#)

Event 3: Find 1-Rep Max Clean & Jerk

Event 4: Find 3-Rep Max Deadlift (Touch and Go)

Event 5: "110%"

For time - with tactical vest:
50 Box Jump Overs (RX Pistols)
30 heavy d-Ball cleans
Rx - pistols, d-Ball 100#/80#,  vest 20#/ 14#
INT - box jump overs (step overs ok), 24"/ 20", d-Ball 80#/60#, vest 14#/10#
FUN - box jumps overs/ step-overs, 18", D-Ball 40#, vest 7#

Follow us on IG/FB for latest updates and release of movement standards/ video demonstrations.

Entry fee covers: Team entry fee for 2 persons, (2) exclusive Condor Tactical Vests (plates not included), 5 separate scored events, and lots of FUN with the fitness community. 

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS TO FUTURE EVENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Athlete substitutions until day of event. Team substitutions up until 15 days prior to event with written request to info@warrioraffiliateleague.com