Event description

What is the Crusader Series?

The Crusader series is a series of Fitness competitions held across the calendar year. These competitions vary from individual to pairs and even teams. The next event in the series is The Crusader - Individual.

Why is it called The Crusader Series? 

The term Crusader is iconic to the hometown of Christchurch as the cities biggest sporting franchise are called the Crusaders. This resonates with a very specific ideology of Christchurch and it is well represented in the red and black colours of the hometown. 

The meaning of The Crusader Series is derived from the Oxford dictionary is “a person who makes a long and determined effort to achieve something that they believe to be right or to stop something they believe to be wrong”. 

We like to think that as a collective we are bound to this united frontier of health and wellness to positively impact fitness communities and provide a space where athletes can express their passion for fitness in a safe environment.

Who can participate in the Crusader Series? 

Typical to such fitness events we are largely focused on inclusion. We have different tiers of athletes competing in different fields, catering to the elite athlete to the your everyday fast fitnesser.

Individual Qualifier

For this particular event there will be an online qualifier (17th Sept - 29th Sept 2020) with a finals held at our physical location in Christchurch, New Zealand. This will be Jan 16th - 17th 2021 for the top 30 athletes in each division (except for Scaled and Masters. There is no Final event for those divisions)


Workouts will be released in two parts and must be completed and submitted within the timeframe of each part. Video Submission is Required.

Part 1: Sept 17th - 22nd 2020

Part 2: Sept 24th - 29th 2020

Score and Video Submission

See rules and guidelines for scoring and video submission here: www.thecrusaderseries.com/individual-comp-info.html

We have the following divisions;

Both male and female 

RX - 

Intermediate - 

Scaled (online competition only) - 

Masters 40-50yrs (online competition only) - 

Masters 50+ (online competition only) - 


Movements Standards

You can find the movement standards via the website


IMPORTANT: You will also need an assault bike.



Cost is $20 per entry

There are no refunds under any circumstances.