The CapeFit Classic

Event description

It's been a long few months, let's have some fun!

The CapeFit Classic will have:

  • 5 Scored Workouts (4 workouts but one is a two parter scored separately...)
  • Men’s and Women’s RX, Scaled, and Minimal Equipment/Bodyweight Divisions 
  • All workouts will be released on Sunday, August 23rd and you have until Sunday August 30th to submit your scores.
  • Cash prizes for winners in each division.  Prize amount will be determined based on the number of registrants in each division.  The winner will receive 25% of the overall registration brought in for their division.  Get your friends to sign up and win their money! (Prizes will be sent via PayPal or Venmo to the winners-
    video submissions will be required to receive prize money; videos must be uncut and time stamped- you can use an app such as WeTime)

Division Standards:

RX: Loading similar to the Open, double unders, but no muscle ups, handstand walking or, HSPU

Scaled: Lighter loads, no double unders, still brutal workuts

Minimal Equipment: All bodyweight movements, only equipment required is a jump rope and way to measure distance (a simple tape measurer will do).

Equipment List:

RX: Barbell, Clips, Plates (loaded to 185/125+), Box (24/20), C2 Rower, 2 Dumbbells (50/35s), Jump Rope, Pull Up Bar

Scaled: Barbell, Clips, Plates (loaded to 95/75+), Box (20/12), C2 Rower, 2 Dumbbells (35/20s), Jump Rope

Minimal Equipment/Bodyweight: Jump Rope and a way to measure distance (like a tape measurer) 

*All divisions will also require a timer.  Workouts will only need to be recorded if you think you will be in the running to win your division

Community Fun:

  • Any gym who has 10 or more active members register will receive $5 back per member registered (to the gym owner) and have the option of getting the workouts in advance to program some or all of them at their gym if desired.
  • Build community, give your member something specific to train for, and have some fun together.
  • E-mail with any questions.

Why Are We Doing This? 

  • We want to have some fun and get after it!  We also believe that people always train harder and with greater purpose when they are training for something specific and competition brings another layer of intensity and growth for athletes.
  • We want to give people an opportunity to compete, have some fun, and have something to look forward to.
  • This is also acting as a fundrasier for our homebase, CrossFit Hyannis, to help with some of the costs associated with Covid.

*There will be no refunds issued.


The RX and Scaled divisions are geared toward CrossFitters (or people who train in a similar style) and the best way to train is to follow the programming of your CF gym or a program like CapeFit Daily (which can be found on Intagram at @cape_fit), and get in some additional weakness work while focusing on your nutrition, recovery, and hydration (which is always important).  

The Minimal Equipment/Bodyweight Division is open to anyone, including those who have no experience with CrossFit.  We have put together a guide on what to expect, what to prepare for, and a training guide for this division.  You can download it for free here: The CapeFit Classic Minimal Equipment/Bodyweight Division Training Plan