Event description

We’re excited to bring to you Metcon “Team Series” 2020 Summer Edition!  This Competition is OPEN to the PUBLIC.

In times even as crazy as these we have to find ways to celebrate our fitness and the community we love! Even though our daily gym experience might not be what we’re used to doesn’t mean we haven’t been putting in WORK!

How the Online Team Series works:

2 Divisions Rx and Scaled
M/M Rx
F/F Rx
M/M Intermediate
F/F Intermediate

4 Weeks 4 Workouts
-workouts will be released Thursday at 6pm. Each team will print out a score sheet and have a judge available to score their team. If you do not have a judge available you can video the workout and submit the workout to Competition Corner to be Validated. Each team has until the following Monday at 7pm to submit their scores.

Cost per team is $40 (Includes Shirt)

Scoring Tournament Style Bracket

Workouts can be done wherever you can get the workout completed per that weeks workout standards. Gyms, garages, parks, sidewalks, living rooms.

If you happen to be quarantining at the time but are in need of a gym +equipment, we will be offering open gym times on Saturdays and Sundays at Metcon Studios, 3420 Rusk Street 77003.