Event description

5K Come Back Competition!

Ready to get back in competition mode?

3 Individual Divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, RX

Cash Price $200 for 1st place: RX Woman & Man

*Competition shirt for ALL!

Check-in: 730am-815am

Briefing: 8:30am

Parking: There is street parking only! On Atlantic, Firestone, and Patata street down Atlantic.




1 Lap 

1 mile run ( No obstacles)

-From gym to halfway point and back


1 min MAX Waterfall Stations

1 min transition to next station

*Wall Balls 

Beg: 15lb/12lb

Int: 20lb/15lb

RX: 35lb/20lb

* Bars

Beg: Pulls Ups

Int: Pull-Ups

RX: Muscle-ups

*Max Calorie Row

all divisions 

*Burpee Box Jump

Beg: 16in

Int: 28in

RX: 30in

*Rope Climbs

Beg: Rope pull stands

Int:15 ft

RX: 30ft

*Squat Clean

Beg: 95lbs/75lbs

Int: 135lbs/95lbs

RX: 185lbs/135lbs

*Bike Cal 

Beg:5 cal

Int: 10 cal

RX: 15 cal

-remaining time Max AB mats

(Score is AB MATS)

**** Each station is one minute Max, followed by One-minute rest to transition to the next station! 

2 lap one mile with obstacles

200 mark - wall jumps 

Rx - 4 feet, 5 feet, and 7 feet

Int - 4 feet, and 5 feet

Beg - 4 feet

400 mark - Tire/pig flips

Rx - Red pig 480 lbs

Int - Green pig 300 lbs

Beg - Tire 185 lbs

800 mark - Farm carry

Rx - 32kg / 28kg

Int - 28kg / 24kg

Beg - 15kg


Two scores will be given. one for the time to complete a 3-mile run. two the overall amount of reps accumulate in all 3 loops.